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Tens-electrical Stimulation.

I discovered this many years ago after an accident and I was in physical therapy while recovering at hoe. One day I had a stick tens pad slip off my shouldbe and fall down on my chest. When I attempted to grab it, it stuck to my nipple and the tens unit was still on. Ouch!, it was quite a shock, as the surface of the pad was barley touching the nipple. Then I thought, hmmmmmm, wonder what it would feel like?, so I properly attached both pads to m y nipples and tried several settings until I fould one just the right speed, and type of pulse that stimulated me. From that day on there was no turning back. I purchased a couple of less expensive units, the family doctor, and Dr. Ho's electrical stimulaters. I loved the control of the Family Doctor brand, but it only had two pads. The Dr. Ho muscle simulater does not have as many controlled pulse settings, but it does have four pads. I usually put on on each nipple, one just at the bottom of my scrotum, and one right on the tip of my penis, then turn it on, slowly adjusting it ti the amount of stimulation I can withstand, and the type of pulsing (hammer, massage, kneading, or what ever) and gradually turn it up to the highest setting as I read stories on EP, or on Literotica, or look at literotica webcams, until I cannot control the spasming of my **** and blow a huge load of *** in my panties without ever touching myself.

This is something I do myself, because if someone else were to control it, you could be in a lot of pain if the contacts are not properly attached, or if you put it in the wrong place, you could possibley cause heart problems, so don't let anybody else control it. It is a total rush, and a fantastic way to get off. I think it would be fantastic for women too, as they could put a contact directly on their clitoris, one just below the *****, and one on each nipple, and then let the good times roll....Might be fun to have oral sex with them or screw them at the same time, might be nice for both...mmmmmmmmmm
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You should really put one on pad from each channel on a nipple and the other pad somewhere else on the same side of your chest / upper body so the current doesn't cross your heart. I like the second pad in the armpit, the sensations are incredible!

I have often wondered about this. I would like try it as well

Just came across this by accident - but it sounds like it's worth a try. I'll give it a go, I'll try anything once.