Tens Hell

My wife loves to have our tens unit connected to her most sensitive parts...nipples, **** and ******* rim. She gets too wet for it to stay on her **** so I put a nice firm clip on the base of her **** and attach the tens to the metal clip. I used to go slow (which she also likes) but lately I have been tying her **** up then binding her to the bed posts. I wait until her nipples are hard and her **** are turning purple from the bondage, then attach the tens pads. By this point she is wet and wating. She knows what's coming but not when. I blindfold her and leave the room. Usually I put the tv on with a good bondage **** flick running so that she can hear the play.

I have all kinds of variations: ****** in her *** or ****, vibrator on her ****, **** or *** cheeks (she really loves that), even fresh ginger in her **** to make it tingle. This can go on for an hour. When I turn up the tens, I often turn it all the way up the first time. And she often has a mind blowing first ******. We both love it!

Recently, she told her girl friend about it, thinking she would keep it a secret. Her GF came and asked if she could watch...thought she might want her boyfriend to try it. Of course I agreed to it and arranged for both of them to watch. They had their hands and mouths all over each other and couldn't keep quiet like they promised. I ripped off my wife's blindfold so she could see. She was ******* so hard she didn't care who saw her. Once she stopped she begged for someone to **** her. The both got on the bed and did her...I taped the whole thing. When she finally asked for the tens and the ropes to come off, it had been nearly 3 hours of *******.

We loaned the tens unit to our friends for the night and my wife showered, asked for a nice slow **** and fell off to sleep. What a night!
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Very, very hot. I personally am not sure if I would enjoy a ********* or being watched by anyone but my husband, but the rest of what you wrote is absolutely delicious to me! I want my man to torment and torture me like this. I plan on very gradually showing him how. He has always enjoyed spanking me and whipping me with a crop, and likes playing with my ***, **** and **** with his fingers. And gets rock hard at the sight of me squirming in pleasure. He loves to make me *** and always waits until I do at least once really strong before he ****. I think he will take to taking it up a notch if I bring him in slowly.

Brigo69, do you e-stim your own genitals, and does your wife know? <br />
Did you ever let her see how you enjoyed it? <br />
Then it must be easy to get her that far, but start slowly!

I wish my wife would enjoy same treatment! :)