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Welcome to mystore365.com to choose which IP camera you like. TENVIS IProbot2 will be recommended here.

Now the IP camera is widely used in your home, office, warehouse and other places, which is related with you secure. Also, compared with other high quality IP camera , this TENVIS Is not only cheaper but also full features. It shows its cost-effective and typical, its typical color and appearance.

TENVIS IProbot2 has 1/4" Color CMOS and 3.6MM Lens. 10PCS Infrared LED, Max frame rate of 30 FPS and 270° horizontal, 90° Vertical will widen your view and improve the sharpness of video. It also support SD card and the night vision distance of 15m, it means you could see everything and everybody clearly within a range of 15 meters even though it is at night so you can assure to use it.

About network , TENVIS IProbot2 supports protocols and wireless with IEEE 802.11b/g standard. The web browsers includes IE 6.0 or above version, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, etc, which means you can connect you network even use wireless. What is more, when you leave your home, office, warehouse and other places, you do not know what is the condition there. You are no needs to worry because its alarm will notice and contact you via email, FTP, and send image pictures to Email/FTP within the provided time. Even though you have forgotten your password of email, you also can constantly monitor your house via your smart phone.

TENVIS IProbot2 have pass certification of CE, FCC, RoHS. It is absolutely high quality. Of course, it is easily installed and used. You can use it according the user manual you will find it how it simple but not low quality. If you want to buy it with cheapest price, please go to mystore365.com.
qiangqiangshijie qiangqiangshijie
Dec 5, 2012