My Terry Nappies

You can see from my pics how much I love my terry nappies. They come in all sizes. Most of them are 48 sq in which are ok and good for a kite fold - those are the ones I'm wearing in my photos, with an extra nappy folded lengthways down the middle to make a really thick soaker. With this size nappy I find the number of layers where they're needed can be too few without the extra nappy in there.

My daddy has also given me a gigantic 60" nappy which is quite problematic to fold and pin. I find the best way is to go back to the old baby triangle shape but it makes a huge thick nappy that my plastic pants stretch to cover. But really good and safe at night most times.

The best of all is another daddy gave me - a shaped nappy that you can add extras into in the internal pocket. We use baby terry nappies for this. It's really thick in the crotch but quite slim at the hip. Both of us wear this nappy in public, the first terry nappy I've ever been confident in wearing in public (although I still use disposables at work).

I'd be really interested to hear what style other people use, what folds you like and how many pins.
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2 Responses Dec 3, 2012

Love cloth Nappies and plasic pants, great for bedtime :)

Similar folds to you... but I find the triangle fold too short. The kite fold is my favourite with 48inch squares, and I use 4 or 5 baby nappies folded in the centre as soaker pads, 2 pins. 2 pairs of well fitting plastic pants cover this nappy, and leaks are rare. I too have a 60inch nappy, and it is good for a 'macrame style' hour glass shape. Takes a while to fold, puts a thick wad in the front (ideal for little boys!) and with baby terry pads can take 4 or 5 wettings before leak point (I can wear this set up for 12-15 hours). This takes 3 pins - one in the centre to hold the two corners which come round from the back, then a pin to hold each side of the front up at the waist. Can be very tight!Have you tried 54inch nappies at night? The simplest fold I use with this is the quick 'fold in half, then fold top down towards the centre like a flap'. Front for boys, back for girls! Aghain, 4 baby terries as soaker pads in the middle, and it can be pinned very tight with 2 pins!!I enjoy experimenting with folds, and a high waist, thick centre pad, tight fold is always best for me. 2 pairs of pants are essential!! Tie-on plastic pants make for even more fun!

At times, yes - but thinner ones!! Usually I have single- or double-layer terry trainer pants with a folded baby terry 'crotch soaker' and the obligatory plastic pants over them when I go out, even to work. An Abena snap-crotch bodysuit keeps it all in place without the risk of showing terry or plastc when I bend over (important at work!). :)