Testing My Wife's Fidelity - Part 2

"Rajiv, what's wrong, you look like hell?", Ritesh exclaimed, seeing my haggard appearance.

"Ritesh, please. Do me a big favor and don't ask any questions", I replied as I passed the contract agreement over the desk.

He looked at it and looked up at me. "What the **** is going on? Don't tell me not to ask questions - I don't deserve a statement like that. We're supposed to be friends, or am I wrong about that?"

I quickly debated whether to tell him or not. "You're right, Ritesh. We are friends, but please, I just can't talk about it. I have to leave ….we’ll talk about it later," and I did just that.

"Wait, Rajiv. Okay, I won't ask you anything. Call me later in the evening, okay? You can do that, can't you?"

I hesitated and then nodded. "Thanks." I mumbled as I left the office.

It was four thirty and Sanjana was going to leave office at five. There was only 30 minutes left to stop something I did not want to happen. Suddenly everything became clear. I needed to talk with her and save my marriage. I picked up the phone and called her office. I felt stupid and relieved at the same time. Why had I hesitated so long before doing just that. Luckily I still had time. Thirty minutes more to tell her I have been a fool but I loved her and did not want her to go with that Rohit Sinha.

“Excuse me, may I speak to Mrs Sanjana Mittal please,” I said.

“I’m sorry, Sir, Mrs Mittal is not here at the office,“ came the answer.

“She ….she is not at the office …”I repeated, my voice trembling. A thousand things went through my mind at that very moment. “but I am her husband …can you tell me where she went?” I managed to say.

“No, Sir, she left early today … at three o’clock”.

My heart was racing very fast. I needed to get out of here. The only place I thought of was home. Maybe Sanjana has left for home, maybe she was just feeling unwell. I hoped against hope that this was really the case… but I knew it would not be.

My last hope was gone within thirty minutes, the house was exactly as I left it earlier in the morning. Sanjana did not come home after work. She went straight to wherever she had to go, with whoever she intended to be with and …was at this very moment probably doing whatever it was that she was up to …

I could not conceive that she would do that. I fought the images that flashed through my mind …and decided to go for a drive just to avoid staying here and torture myself. The only place that came to my mind was the Coffee Shop and I took the car and went straight there. Rohit would not be there but I needed to be somewhere else at this moment.

So I walked to my car, get inside and started my engine and was in front of the Coffee Shop before I knew it. I got out of my car like a robot, and went over and took a quick look inside before entering …and stopped dead.

I could not say which feeling came first when I saw Rohit sitting at the bar: a feeling of surprise, of relief or of joy. Anyway I almost ran into his arms and shot several questions at him at one stroke.

“Hey …what are you doing here? What happened? Shouldn’t you be somewhere else right now?”

He was surprised by such a show of enthusiasm and seemed taken aback and just stood there staring at me. But I did not want him to wait, I wanted him to tell me the words, to confirm to me that he was not, at this very moment, somewhere else doing …well, in the company of my wife.

“So, tell me what happened to your ...date?” Just then an awry thought came to my mind and I added “it was meant to be today only, right? Your date with the lovely Mrs Mittal?”

“Yeah it was to be today only,” he finally said. “But something terrible happened.” He said after what appeared to be a very long pause.

“What?!!!” I almost shouted. What terrible thing could have happened?

“Well …actually I am suspended from work,” he said.

“Suspended from work?!!” I repeated. ”How come? And since when?” This was the last thing I expected to come from his mouth.

“Since yesterday morning …I mean the day after I talked to you. You see, since last month I was doing …hmm …some side business …if you see what I mean…”

I did not see what he meant, at least I did not care the least. Still I asked him ”ok … and what happened then.”

“Well, yesterday when I went to office, the boss called me in his office and told me they knew all about it and I was suspended till a board decision is taken.”

“Oh, that’s so sad,” I said, somehow feeling pity for him. Still I wanted to hear from his mouth that nothing happened between my wife and him. “So, I take it that your date with Mrs Mittal is …cancelled.”

“You are crazy man …everybody at the office is talking about me right now …do you think this woman or any woman for that matter, would want to be seen with me?”

“I guess not.”

“As a matter of fact, I met her in the corridor and she just ignored me. I seem to have lost interest in her eyes. I really regret not humping that ***** …I should really have got her to ride my ****, I guess it’s to late now.”

I knew better not to pay attention to his words. Now I could see how foolish I had been, to link my wife with such an insignificant guy, who could not even behave himself to save his job. Really I was too glad Sanjana had not gone ahead. She obviously saw through him from the beginning and would not have been the least interested in him had I not come up with these stupid tests.

Now, anyway she was giving her the cold shoulder and that was setting the records straight, once and for all.

Five minutes later, I was left the Coffee Shop in much better mood than when I came and reached home a little before seven. Sanjana was sitting in the living room, waiting for me.

“Rajiv, we need to talk,” she said straight away.

“Where were you, I’d been looking for you since early afternoon …and don’t tell me you were at the office, because I phoned there and they said you left early.”

I realized I was shouting at her and it was not how I wanted it to be. But it was beyond me, I just could not control my emotions anymore.

I looked at Sanjana and was surprised that she seemed so cool, so calm, so rational. Was she really going to let me in on what was eating at her?

"It's over, Sanjana. I no longer wish to live like this. Either you tell me what's gnawing at you, or I'll leave without any further discussion. It's up to you."

I saw a grimace on her face. She stared at me and said:

"My mother had a surgical operation today. She is probably not going to live much longer …, " she said softly.

“What?!!!” I shouted for the second time in the same afternoon. “Since when do you know that? And why didn’t you tell me about it before?”

“I learned about it yesterday …and tried to tell you but you seemed lost in your thoughts," she continued, without one changing her tone of voice even once.

I sat there, my mouth agape, totally shocked. There were so many things going on in my mind, so many things to be told or not. I knew I needed to sort out things for myself first. After a long silence, I took her hand in mine and said, “I am here now …everything will be just fine.”

My mother-in-law died the following week.

Progressively Sanjana was able to overcome the lost and things started to get better between us. Until it came out at me out of the blue. We had just finished dinner; Sanjana was reading a magazine and I was switching channels on television when Sanjana said:

"Have you ever had an affair or thought of having one?"

How do you honestly answer a question like that? I give it a quick thought.

Had I ever had an affair? No. Had I ever thought of having one? A couple of times. I knew there was only one answer I could safely give:

"Of course not. Why would you even ask me a question like that?"

"No reason, just idle curiosity."

I looked at her. I knew her better to know she would not ask a question like that without a reason. I guess she sensed my eyes on her, so she added,"That's all it was, just curiosity. Shilpa told me that she just found out that Rohit had an affair two years ago. Two weeks ago one of the girls I work with told me she found out her husband was having an affair. I wondered if it was some form of itch."

Nothing more was said about the subject that evening. I spent the following day wondering about it though. I knew my wife better than she thought I did and I could tell that there was more behind her question than she was letting on. She had asked that question to gauge my response to it. Usually when a woman does that, she is either thinking of having an affair or was already having one....


This all began one day as I was sitting in my office a Wednesday afternoon. It was around 1:30 PM when my phone rang. I reached over and picked it up.

"Hello, Rajiv Mittal speaking."

"Is your wife's name Sanjana?" asked a female voice.

"Yes," I said suspiciously, "what is this about?"

"I just wanted to warn you that your wife is going to have an affair."

"What? Who is this? Is this some kind of a joke because it isn't funny," I said.

"You are free to take it as you want ...but I warned you" she said, before setting down the phone.

This had to be some kind of a joke but who and why would anyone do anything thing like this to me? I wondered if the caller knew it was a joke or was she just doing something she was asked to do by someone else?

I got back to work for a meeting at 2 o'clock and the problems brought to light during the meeting kept me busy the rest of the afternoon. However I could not help thinking about the anonymous call as I drove home that evening. I intended to tell Sanjana about the call but I decided that was not the best course of action. I had first to figure out if it was a joke and who was behind it.

There was also the fact that some time back Sanjana asked me whether I had ever thought of having an affair. During the evening I kept wondering whether these two pieces of information were related. As it turned out I did not have much opportunity to talk with Sanjana that night. After dinner I got a call from one of our project managers and while I was talking to him, Sanjana came into my office and whispered that she was tired and was going up to bed. By the time I got off the phone, Sanjana was already asleep.

The following day I had to tackle a few urgent issues and had to put the call out of my mind and it just faded into the background. I didn't think about it again until a few days later when I was going over a project with my partner Shekhar. When my phone rang, I picked it up without lifting my head from the computer screen and answered, "Rajiv Mittal here."

"You didn’t pay attention to what I told you, did you?" came the familiar voice.

"Shekhar, I have to take this call, do you mind," I immediately said.

"No problem," Shekhar said as he went out and closed the door behind him.

Trying to remain calm, I asked, "So, who are you?"

"It doesn’t matter …just pay more attention to your wife," the voice said.

A thought flashed through my mind, if I could to keep her talking some more, maybe I cold find where the call was coming from. "Is there something else I should know?" I asked.

"Yes …but it’s up to you decide if you want to keep your wife," she said.

My stomach muscles tighten involuntarily. "Why do you say that?" I said. A thousand things were going on in my mind at that time and it took me a few seconds to realize that the caller had hung up without answering my question.

Now was the time to find out from where the call came and I knew only Richa, our secretary could tell me. I immediately rushed to the reception room, but Richa was nowhere to be seen. Just then I heard giggling in one of the cubicles nearby and knew it had to be her. I wanted to tell her off for not doing her work but knew right away that was not the best approach if I wanted her to help me.

“Richa,” I said, walking up to her, “I need our help in retracing a call I just had.”

“Of course, Sir,” she said, not the least affected by the fact that I’d just caught her fooling around with her friend, instead of working. I accompanied her to her desk and waited patiently for her to take her seat.

“But, Sir, did you get the call directly?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said.

“Then, I can’t say which call it is.”

“Why that?”

“Because we have received 10 calls over the last 5 minutes,” she said, “and it is impossible to say which call was transferred to your extension.”

I now had to think out a solution fast. I told her “Richa, can you please print out the list of all these 10 or more calls …”

She looked at me and said, “but, Sir, it is confidential …”

“Richa, please … I need to contact a major client who intends to invest millions of rupees in our company, and you are the only one I can trust to find his number,” I said. The trick seemed to work. Richa clicked on her mouse and immediately a screen capture of all incoming calls came out of the printer next to her. It was that simple. I immediately thought of something else.

“Richa, do one more thing, this same client phoned me on Wednesday at around 1.30 …can you find a list of incoming calls in your archive.“

“Yes, Sir, it’s right here.” Richa was now taken up in her role and was willing to do everything in her power to help.

“Thanks dear, the boss will be proud of you,” I said as I collected the second printed sheet and went to my office.

I knew that if I could find a phone number that was common on both sheets, this would probably be the one I was looking for. Unfortunately I found there were 3 numbers common on both sheets. These were from our regular batch of clients who must be calling the office every day. However I looked again and this time I recognized one of the numbers and ... it was the number from my wife’s office.

So, the caller was one of Sanjana’s colleagues. Who would that be? Why would she play such a joke on me and Sanjana? That brought me back to the basic problem. The caller was either telling the truth or she wasn't. If she was lying, why did she do it? But now there was a serious possibility that she was telling the truth, which would mean that my wife was in touch with Rohit Sinha again. The last time I met him, he told me the board was about to decide on his case and I had assumed that he would be fired. Could it be that his suspension had been cancelled and he was back at the office and back courting my wife?

The caller had told me that my wife was going to have an affair, meaning that they had not yet been at it. It could be she was one of Sanjana’s colleague who had seen them flirting and thought I should be told about it before it is too late. I knew I needed to find the truth and fast.

One option was to ask Sanjana some questions. I was going to have to do that in such a way that it would not make Sanjana suspicious. If she was innocent, chances are she would be hurt to think that I don’t trust her. On the other hand, if the caller was telling the truth and Sanjana became suspicious about me questioning her she might figure out that I knew something. If that happened I would never find out the truth. It might stop Sanjana from having an affair but I would never know if she had actually considered having one or not.

The other option was to go back to the Coffee Shop and meet Rohit Sinha and find what he was up to. I decided that this was still the safer option. At five, that very evening, I went back to the Coffee Room, parked my car on the other side of the road and entered my old haunt. I quickly scanned the room but Rohit was nowhere to be seen. I began to think I got it all wrong, still I decided to wait. About fifteen minutes later, Rohit came in.

“Hey mate,“ he said as he saw me.

“Hi,” I replied, unsure I was to treat him as a friend or foe since I could not tell whether he was having an affair with my wife or not.

“What brings you here, my friend,“ he went on.

“I was just passing by and thought I would drop to say hello and find out what you are up to. So, it seems you are back to work, right?”

“No dear, told you I have been suspended from work.”

I was taken aback. This was not what I was expecting. “But you said the board was to review your suspension, right?”

“Sort of, in fact they were to decide on my punishment …and in the end, I have been fired …”

“Oh …so what are you doing these days …for a living” I managed to ask.

“Right now I am helping my cousin with his shop. Hopefully I will get a new job sooner or later.”


That night after Sanjana fell asleep I lay awake thinking about the phone calls. I was obvious that my initial assumptions had been all wrong. Rohit Sinha was well out of the picture and obviously had no mean to keep an ongoing affair with my wife. Yet the seed of doubt had been planted in my brain and as hard as I tried, I could not keep it from growing.

I again thought about telling Sanjana about the phone calls but decided against it. It occurred to me that if I told her about the calls it could easily start a chain of events that would prevent me from ever finding out what this was all about. Then there was that small possibility that the caller was telling the truth. I needed to know. I couldn't let it end there. I had to know the truth.

Thursday was difficult for me. Every time the phone rang I wondered if it is was my caller again but the only calls I received that day were business related. One of these was for an urgent meeting with our client Ritesh Sen.

The last time we met, I was deeply stressed as I was certain Sanjana was going to sleep with Rohit Sinha the very same day. This time again I was not much better off.

"I notice that you were in quite a mood the other day. So what did upset you so much you could not even talk about it?"

I said, "I just wanted to get home quickly that day."

"Can I ask you, as a friend, why that made you so tense? It might help you to talk about it."

"I am a little nervous about leaving my wife home alone," I said.

"Why? Are you two still having the issues about the Rohit guy?" He asked.

I said, "Well, you might say that."

"Why don't you tell me about it?"

Subconsciously I must have really wanted to talk to somebody about Sanjana, because once I started talking I went on not stop right through the whole series of events.

"What are you going to do about it?" Ritesh asked.

I said, "I wish I knew."

The waiter had just brought the check and Ritesh insisted on paying it.

"Let me see if I can help bring things into focus for you," Ritesh suggested.

"I'd appreciate that," I said.

“I think your wife appears to have developed an unconscious interest in sex.

It started when she had become extremely aroused by Rohit Sinha and then was not able to get the sexual release she needed. Most of the time she is in control and can push those feelings out of her mind. But from time to time she does feel the need to know more. "

"What can I do to snap her out of it?" I asked.

"That's the problem. There's no simple answer here. I can't tell you what to do to snap her out of it. The problem will most likely persist until she ends up sleeping with some guy or the other. “

"But I am concerned about you. What you are putting yourself through now is like death by a thousand cuts. You are tense all the time, constantly worried about what your wife is doing, and also about something that hasn't happened yet. This is not healthiest way to live your life.”

I can't say that Ritesh's assessment of my marriage made me feel good but at least it gave me some perspective that I couldn't get for myself.

"Just keep in mind that you will have to accept is that this isn't about you, it's about her. You can't fix it, only she can. I cannot advise you strongly enough to keep your emotions under control.“

"You certainly have given me a lot to think about," I said, "and I do appreciate your input. I can promise you that I will think about what you said."

Ritesh took a long look at me as he sipped his drink.

"I know this is not what you wanted to hear but I thought I had to be honest with you."

Ritesh picked up his glass and draink it and then suggested that it was time to leave.

A few days later, I had to fly to Mumbai for two days of meetings with a client. The problem came when Sanjana was invitated for a party by her boss.

Her boss had planned a big dinner party at his place to celebrate winning a major contract. The party was set to start at six o'clock on Saturday evening.

We talked it over and agreed that the best arrangements I could make was to book a return flight at one o'clock on Saturday afternoon, which would arrive in Delhi at 4:45 PM. This would give me enough time to get home and get ready for the party.

"If you can get home before six o'clock," she said, I can handle the preparations but you have to be here for the party."

"No problem," I said. "I should make it in plenty of time. "

The Mumbai meetings were successful and we came up with interesting prospects but those were the only good news. At one o'clock Saturday afternoon my plane wasn't there. I called Sanjana and told her I was going to be a little late.

She said, "How late. You have to be here tonight."

"They haven't told us what the problem is yet so I don't know what time we'll get out of here but I should still make the party on time."

"You better."

"I'll be there."

At three o'clock they announced that the flight was canceled. I scrambled over to the gate agent to get on the next flight but was told that there was nothing available until the 9:05 p.m flight, which would arrive at 12:50 p.m.

I could not believe this was happening. I knew Sanjana would be deeply disappointed and decided to call her to inform her.

Sanjana said, "You won't be home until after 1:00 a.m?"

"Sorry, that's the best they could do."

Sanjana said, "This isn't fair."

"Let’s do one thing. Please go to the party, I know how important it is to you. I’ll try my best to drop straight there once I arrive. Ok?"

Sanjana said, "I guess that’s the best we can do, don't we?"

"Yes, I guess so," I said. "I love you."

"I love you too."

I went back over to the gate agent and stood in line behind an angry businessman who was taking his frustration out on the agent. The agent was saying, "I’ll see how I help you."

I immediately intervened and explained my problem to the gate agent and asked her if there was any other way I could reach Delhi earlier than the 9:05 flight. I told her that I would really appreciate anything she could do to help me. She typed on her keyboard for a bout five minutes straight and then she said, "I can put you on a flight to Delhi that leaves here in thirty minutes. From there we can put you on a 6:45 flight arriving at 9:50. Would that help?"

I said, "Yes. Thank you so much?."

The agent looked at me and then over at the grumpy businessman, then did some more typing on her computer. Two minutes later the agent handed us two boarding passes and I took off running to catch the flight to Delhi.

I wasn't able to call Sanjana before the flight left and decided not to call because she would already be busy getting ready for the party. I would just surprise her when I reach there.

The Delhi Flight arrived right on time and I was out of the airport. I was about to board a taxi when I thought I saw the familiar figure of Rohit Sinha coming out of another taxi nearby. I quickly took out my bag amidst abuses from the taxi driver and rushed after him.

I caught up with him in the hall and called him.

“Hey Rohit, what are you doing around here?”

“Hey mate, how are you?”

“I just came from a Mumbai, and I am now going back home. I am in a hurry but just thought of saying hello.” Truly speaking, I had no idea why I had chased after him in the airport. Somehow, in a strange way, I could not help relating him to those feelings of insecurity I had about my wife.

“Great seeing you here. I have to tell you I am taking up a job in Mumbai from Monday.“

“So, I guess I won’t be seeing you for quite some time. “

“Yeah, but it’s better this way. I think I was hardly done by here. I now know I got fired because of one of the bosses at the company. He set up a trap to get me out of the way.”

“Out of the way …how’s that?” I said, suddenly more interested.

“Well, remember that married woman, Sanjana Mittal I was telling you about?”

My heart had started beating very fast. “What about her?” I asked, my voice trembling.

“Well …that day you told me she said she had the hots for me, I couldn’t believe my luck. She is so lovely looking, any guy would love to be in her pants. So, I started pursuing her …but at that time I made a major mistake. I was so happy she was paying attention to me, I went out and confided to my boss, Anuj Saxena, how I was going to get this woman in the sack. He did not believe me at first, but when I told him more, his attitude changed. I think he wanted her for himself and that’s why he got me out of the way.”

I could not believe what I had just heard. So now, there was another guy at the office who was after my wife. But his time, it was her boss …immediately I thought of the night Sanjana asked me about me having affairs. I decided to question Rohit further.

“But how did you come to know about all this?” I asked.

“There’s one woman who knew this guy well, she told me what happened after I left. “

“Oh …”

“You know how it is with women …this woman was herself having an ongoing affair with this Anuj Saxena, now she is afraid Mrs Mittal is going to steal him away from her.“

Now I knew who the anonymous caller was.

“And you think Mrs Mittal is attracted to this Anuj Saxena …” I said.

“Hey, Anuj knows a thing or two about the ladies. At the office itself, few women would resist them. He would regularly invite them over to his place for parties and they would end up in his bed. Now he knows there is an opening with Sanjana Mittal, chances are he is shoving his **** in her ***** even as we talk.”

I had heard enough, there was only one thing left: rushed out to Sanjana’s boss’s place. On the way, I kept thinking about the conversation I had earlier with Ritesh. He was right in saying that now that Sanjana’s curiosity had been peeked; she was in danger in falling for some guy anytime.

I got to the house at 11:35. There were a few cars parked in front of the house on both sides of the street, but it seemed that most of the guests were already taking their leave. I left my luggage in the car and went into the house.

There were no guests in the house they were all in backyard sitting or standing in groups talking. When I walked outside the first person I ran into was Shilpa.

She said, "Well, you made it after all. Sanjana will be happy to see you.'

I said, "I got lucky and found another way to get here. Where is Sanjana?"

She said, "I guess she's around. “

I went back into the house to look for Sanjana. There was no one on the first floor so I went upstairs to look. There was no sign of Sanjana up there either.

I went back downstairs and through the kitchen, there was a door that seemed to lead down to the basement. I opened the door and when I looked down the stairs I saw faint light coming through the partially opened door at the bottom of the stairs and I could hear music. It sounded like the television was on the satellite easy listening channel. The light was from the television screen.

I was immediately a little suspicious as to why the television was on and the door closed so I moved down the stairs slowly and quietly. The door wasn't closed completely because it was warped a little and wouldn't latch when you closed it. This allowed me to peek into the room without having to open the door further. When I looked in I saw two people leaning against the back wall.

At first it looked like they were looking at the television but as my eyes adjusted to the dim light I could see that they were involved in a different activity. I felt my stomach turn I realized I was looking at Sanjana and Anuj Saxena.

Sanjana was leaning with her back against the wall and Anuj was bent over her.  He had his left arm around Sanjana's waist and seemed to be kissing her on the neck. I was about to charge into the room screaming but I realized that I didn't know if Sanjana was a willing participant or if Anuj was forcing himself on her. I had to watch long enough to find out. I had to know if Sanjana would do that willingly.

When my eyes had fully adjusted to the light from the television I could see the two of them much more clearly. I could see that Sanjana was wearing a sun dress that had a split in the middle over her belly. I could also see the expression on her face and she did not appear to be upset by what Anuj was doing.

My heart rate increased dramatically and was thumping so hard in my chest that I was afraid that I might have a heart attack as I watched as Anuj moved his right hand to turn Sanjana's face to him and then he kissed her on the mouth. It was a long soft kiss. Lowering his head, he lightly traced her upper lip with his tongue. I don't know why I didn't charge immediately but I didn't. I guess I just wanted to know how far Sanjana would go. I had already seen enough to know our marriage was in big trouble now I had to know if the damage was irreparable.

The emotions running through me had my whole body shaking. I was angry about what she was doing to me, I was hurt by the betrayal, I was humiliated that she would do this while all of her colleagues were at the house and I felt the frustration of not knowing what I should do. My stomach was doing flips and I broke into a cold sweat and all I could do was watch them.

They were still kissing when I saw Anuj drop his hand down and he reached into the slit in the front of Sanjana's dress. He ran his hand up under her dress and was caressing her navel.

I had no saliva to swallow which made my throat hurt tighten up. I was also clenching my teeth so tight that my jaw was beginning to ache.

I watched as the bastard used his fingers to make small circular motions on my wife's navel. He said something to Sanjana but I couldn't make the words. Right after he said it Sanjana reached down with her right hand and pulled Anuj's hand away from her tummy.

I thought, ‘Thank God, she is going to stop him."

My relief was short lived as Sanjana was only holding Anuj's hand so she could accompany his movement. When I saw that my wife had no intention of stopping him, it was all I could take. I had allowed this ******* to kiss and caress my wife but there was no way I was going to give him a chance to **** my wife as I stood there watching.

I didn't want to make a big scene at the party. I just wanted to stop the proceedings. I decided that I would deal with Sanjana later, after we get back home. I quickly moved back to the top of the stairway and stopped at the kitchen door and then I turned on the stairway light.

"Sanjana, are you down there?" I yelled.

Then I very slowly but loudly clomped down the stairs making sure they would have enough time to straighten out their clothes before I came into the room.

When I entered the room Anuj was standing there by himself.

I said "What are you doing down here?"

Anuj stammered a little. "I... I'm waiting to use the bathroom."

"Have you seen my wife, Sanjana?"

"Yeah, she's in the bathroom."

I could see that Anuj was uncomfortable but not anywhere near as uncomfortable as he had made me. I wanted to go over and punch his lights out but instead I just leaned against the wall and waited for Sanjana to come out of the bathroom. I made no attempt to make conversation.

"So you are her husband. I thought Sanjana said that you wouldn't be able to get home until after midnight tonight," Anuj said. "You had some problem with your flight?"

"Well, I got home early and it's a good thing too."

I could see that comment worried him.

"Oh and why is that?"

I said, "Because I wanted to get home early to be with my wife tonight."

"You know," Anuj said, I think I'll go upstairs and use the bathroom."

He walked casually to the stairs and when his back was to me I gave him the finger. It was a meaningless gesture but I had to do something relieve some of my simmering anger.

When I heard the water running in the bathroom sink I knew that Sanjana was about to come out and the knot in my stomach got tighter. I had no idea what I was going to say to her and I wondered if the expression on my face would give my thoughts away. I didn't want her to know that I had seen them yet because I didn't want to deal with it until we were alone.

When the bathroom door opened Sanjana stood there staring at me. Her face was pale and she looked like she might have been crying. Sanjana started to walk toward me and she forced herself to smile.

"You made it home sooner that you expected," she said as she approached me.

"Yea," I said, "I was able to make it home just in time."

Sanjana stopped for a moment and just looked at me, trying, I guessed, to understand the meaning of my last statement.

"I didn't want to miss the whole party. Have you had a good time tonight?"

I could see the relief in her face when she believed that I wasn't talking about her little escapade.

"I am so glad you got here," she said.

I wondered what the hell she meant.

"It's after eleven o'clock," I said. "I think it's time we get back home."

Sanjana seemed to have completely regained her composure. If she was nervous about almost being caught she wasn't showing it. The only sign that something was wrong was that she didn't look at me when she was taking to me.

Sanjana said, "I guess you are right."

We walked upstairs together and then we went outside.

"Too bad you couldn't get here on time," Nisha said, when she saw us. "It was a great party."

"Oh, I came just in time," I said.

...to be continued.

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Is this freaking real life?! Answer the question I can't stand it!

is this a real life experience?