/why I Left Islam

don't even have that big of a problem with islam. i was looking at what a lot of apostates said and most of them give criticism thats not even legitimate. like islam is such a violent religion! i love hearing that from chrisitan ex muslims. cause it seems to forget about reading the bible. but one reason i personally left was praying in the direction of the kabba felt strange to me, muhammad marrying a 6 year old and consemateing their marriage at 9 . this is only an issue because if he is a prophet for all times then why did he do something so bound up in culture. contradcitions in the quran and the hadith just altogether make me not want to be muslim simple as that
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Okay look about the Prophet, see i used to feel annoyed too but then i realised that the Hadith were written a few years after his death and as you know that human beings have a tendency to fabricate things outside of our will due to satan yes? so this thing is not written in the quran about her age and it really doesn't matter if you read on european or english culture you will find out that women used to be married at an early age in olden times because obviously back then the world wasn't as developed as it is today yes? so it shouldn't really matter to us what they did in their personal lives. and don't think about this one fact what if on the day of judgement u find out something else and you will cry so badly to come back to this life and throw this one thought out of your mind and repent sincerely to One God
Second of all We pray towards the Kaaba because do you know about Al Bait al Mammur? You can google it obviously the reason we pray towards the kaaba is because it is a location that directly above it in the seventh heaven is a masjid and a Kaaba where everyday 70,000 angels pray and once they finish praying they can not return because there are many many angels that need this one chance to pray to Allah swt and you my friend are denying this in favour of praying to a walking talking man who was just like us? Jesus? He's nothing but a messenger do not do this mistake..

hmm i was born a muslim and raised in west.my parents were cultural muslims.i began to question the same thing as yourself but i started looking into getting answers.my faith was precious for me. I loved the Prophet saw but began to question the age gap.i started studying from authetic scholars and here is my knowledge. The adulthood of female is the natural indicationfor consumation of marriage.the status of women in islam is quite opposite to status they hold in contemporary world. All abrahamic faiths are patriarchal so is islam. Christians and jews all used to marry preteens till modern age.its a cultural taboo in todays world but not in Allah's decree. My suggestion if u have something before leave it for good atleast know what it is.u have made a mistake may Allah guide u to truth.therebwill be a day in ur life when u will regret this carelessness.