Padina's Testimony Of God's Love

From the time Padina was 4 years old, she followed every rule of Islam in an attempt to grow closer to Allah. But Padina could never reach Allah. "I never felt peace," she said. "I would cry for hours to Allah, saying, 'I am so far from you. I can never go into your presence.'" She felt depressed and hopeless. 
So she made a plan to end her suffering. She and her terminally ill mother would take pills, turn on the gas in the kitchen and enter the presence of Allah as honored Muslims.

As Padina started to turn on the gas, she heard her mother's TV in the living room. The words of a pastor on an illegal Christian satellite program grabbed her attention: "Why do you want to kill yourself tonight? Our God is so powerful that he can change your life. Give Jesus one week!"

Repulsed, Padina came up with a plan. "I will pretend to invite Jesus for one week in my life," Padina thought. "I can embarrass Jesus and embarrass Christianity for the false religion that it is. In one week, I will call this television program and kill myself live on the program. That will disgrace the God of the infidels."

The song featured at the end of this presentation was made specifically for this video. The song can be found on,, and iTunes under the title "You Hear Our Prayers (feat. Efra, Emily & Gary)". 

4 سنوات من وقت padina القديمة, تابعت كل حكم الاسلام فى محاولة تنمو اقرب الى الله. ولكن لم تبلغ padina الله. "لم اشعر السلام". وقال "اود ان يبكون لساعات الله قائلا: انا حتى الان منك. استطيع ان اخوض ابدا حضوركم". شعرت والضغط ميئوس منه. حتى انها وضعت خطة لانهاء معاناتها. انها الام المصابين بمرض مميت ستتخذ حبة تشغيل الغاز فى المطبخ ادخل وجود الله تكريم المسلمين.

كما padina بدا يتحول الغاز سمعت امها التلفزيون فى غرفة المعيشة. كلمات القس غير قانونية برنامج المسيحية الفضائية لقبها الاهتمام: "لماذا تريد تقتل نفسك الليلة? ربنا قوى للغاية لدرجة انه لا يستطيع تغيير حياتك. يقدم يسوع اسبوع!" صد, padina جاء مع الخطة. "سنتظاهر بأنه دعوة يسوع لمدة اسبوع فى حياتى." padina الفكر. "استطيع ان يحرج المسيح واحراج المسيحية الكاذبة عن الدين.  

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