Conversation With A Friend Today Afternoon

I had just come home from hospital where i had went to see him(he has to get his eyes tested) and this started

him: hey what do you call ziddi in english?

me: stubborn

him(after a few minutes): there is a very stubborn girl in the van

me: really? hehe, how?

him: the conductor is asking for 13 and she's just paid 10 and says if u want 3 more, give me back the 10 and u can have it.

me: wow, that's some attitude

him: i like her

me: hehehe

him: she has so much confidence. i like this kind of girl. what's a girl without an attitude anyway.

me: yeah. only if her attitude doesn't keep showing on YOU

him: oh.  she just got off.

me: oh

him: if her stop was a bit nearer to mine, i would've gone after her.

me: hehe

him: i feel like eating something sweet

him(after a long while) : my stop came. I'll go eat fruit chat.

me: i had eaten an orange when i came home :)

him(after a while): i'm now walking towards home.

( i remembered he lived in a very busy area of the city)

me: now keep this phone in your pocket before it gets stolen.

him: in your dreams, nobody can steal from me.

me: you are too sure of yourself.

him: i am because i am the best.

me:  :)

him(after a while): was that appreciation or degradation?

me: appreciation my friend, you should be sure of yourself and its a very good quality but we should be a bit careful too.

him: oh. then thanks

him(after a while): i think its about do before you die so you have to be careless.

( i was really tired by now so i said)

me: ok, ok you win

him: thanks, i think in discussions, i am perfect to some extent.

( i rolled my eyes hard)

me: why some extent?

him: because they say nobody's perfect

me: really?

him: yeah

him: you had lunch?

me: no i haven't even changed yet, just lying on my bed, texting

him: me too.

him: lets change

me: ok

after i had changed and came back to check on the cellphone, there were three unread messages. two of whom were poetry sent by an old friend and one was his.

him: i think my fingers are a bit sticking with the keypad

( i thought, does this boy NEVER tire??)

me: oh i can imagine that.

him: because i was texting while eating chat

me: yeah i know. too much chat.

(he finally seemed to get the message.)

him: ok bye

(i took a deep breath)

me: bye





see? that's how some people can chat. *shakes head*

FreeFallWall FreeFallWall
26-30, M
Mar 1, 2010