I'm Guilty

Yes I am guilty of texting in the tub...the car...at work...from the store... in the movies...You name it and I text from there!!

I am a big time texter  and I love texting. I even drive my kids batty sometimes :)
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12 Responses Aug 10, 2010

FG- my kids think I am going to jail for texting in the car!! Of course they say 'Mom who are you texting 90% of the time too. <br />
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Mtvlm- nahhh he doesn't need to worry- LOL :P

mtvlm, absolutely I am complex. :P<br />
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no sext sharing allowed, LOL. ;)

Well I am sure she turns your phone ON marcus....<br />
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And who said I was worried Snow??<br />
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Marcus is the one that would have the complex, of course if your txting during sex then you better be sharing it with the rest of us.... LOL!!!!

Shame on you for texting in the car lol. I text with J, you, and Bluebie in the tub and have even text y'all from public restrooms lol. I have talk to text feature on my phone so I guess I could text in the car but I usually pull over to do that. You never know when I am going to get turned on by a text and lose control of my thoughts. lol

LOL @ mtvlm!!<br />
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Don't you worry about a thing :)

mtvlm...well, she turns my phone ON....:P<br />
<br />
well, you know, so she can text me..:)

Sexting is totally cool cause your both trying to get the other horned up....<br />
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Just hope marcus turns your phone off when he is busy with you.... LOL!!!!

KF- LOL ...before and after,,,the camera- I totally get it !

i can't say i've texted in the bath...ok, so maybe i've stuck my head and arm out of the shower on occasion...but i think that's it....and not during sex either...maybe before and right after...but i'm too busy during lol unless i'm using the camera for....well...nevermind ;)

No mtvlm- not texting during sex- LOL... now sexting that's a different story altogether :)

OMG, the secret is out mtvlm...how did you KNOW? :P

Txt during sex?? Hey just wondering... LOL!!!! Not saying that couldn't be a bit of a gig against your man... LOL!!!