In Honor Of Those Who Fought For My "freedom"

     I wake up everyday thanking God for giving me a another day of life.  The second thing I do is pray for all the military soldiers who are fighting for my freedom in the United States.  These men and women are putting their lives on the line of fire (death) to protect what they believe in "Freedom".  This is, what makes them great!.  In my family we have our share of such great people:

1. Jose Natividad (uncle)      WWII   deceased
2. Angel                  (uncle)      WWII   deceased
3. Jose                   (uncle)       WWII   deceased
4 . Rebecca         (niece)       Iraq
5. Raymundo      (newphew)   Deseart Storm
Not all of them have been included in this list, for they are too many!

There are many more familiy and friends that have died fighting the war , and some that are still in the military fighting for our safety.  I'm sure that everyone  has a family, a friends, a boyfriend/girlfriend, or knows military soldiers and veterans that are not related and would like to share their name and thank them for their support.

God Bless America!   Home of the Free!
mytruthonanysubject mytruthonanysubject
31-35, F
Sep 21, 2010