Hijab Issue

dear who is reading this
sisters in Islam,

i live in Kuwait, i am Muslim, my whole family are muslims, but none of the women are wearing Hijab
i have heared alot of Sheikhs and muslim teachers says muslim women must wear Hijab,

i personally like to... i want Allah to be pleased with me, i dont want to die before wearing HIjab, i am convinced with it,

i am turning 19 next month EnshAllah

my family are not helping me, none of them is giving me the push for it, not even my friends, my muM died in 1998 , and i have no one to cheer me up for this

so i wrote this if any sister can help me :)
and thank you
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2 Responses May 5, 2012

Just buy one and wear it. It's as easy as that. I'm not muslim but I see many women that wear very pretty fashionable hijab and they almost look like fashion accessories.

You do not need anyone to help you or give you an approval. If you want to wear it that's great go for it! Don't look around if your family is wearing it or not, everyone makes their choice, I really wouldn't ba<x>se such decision on the people around me, to hell what they think or what they do, it is something personal!<br />
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It is great that you are feeling this way about it, all the luck.<br />
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