Thank You to Some

I would like to say just a few things. I find it amazing how some people can take a man..know nothing about him and yet still have the ability to cut him to the core. Nothing that I can say will change what most here think of me other than I am not any of those things that were said. I am not a player at all. If anyone ever took the time to actually get to know the rea me they would see that. But in all that has transpired....not many bothered to do so. They just took information and ran with it. I will never be able to get over what some of my "friends" have said about me here. I can only live my life the way I always have. And up until recently I thought that I was doing that pretty well.  The saying sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me is so very wrong. The words spoken about me have hurt me more than anyone will ever know.

I do want to thak all who have supported me. And to those who do not like me I say..that is your choice. I do not hold any anomisity toward anyone. I hope everyone has a wonderful life.    Goodbye

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1 Response Sep 10, 2008

Weather, I am sorry that you have to leave the site because of all the drama. I wish you love, luck, and beautiful sunrises and sunsets in your future. If you ever decide to come back to EP please look me up. I will be your friend again.<br />
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