Thankful Book

I keep  a little pink hardbound journal that I named The Book of Thanks.
Each day I try to take a few moments at the beginning and at the end to list the things and events and people
that I am grateful for.

Some days are easier than others but each day I grow richer and stronger  by reflecting and acknowleding God's goodness to me.
luvlymi luvlymi
56-60, F
2 Responses Sep 24, 2010

It is written we enter His gates with thanksgiving in our hearts.<br />
Science has shown a correlation between gratitude and general health.<br />
Some days my feelings and situations make it a difficult challenge but when I press through I usually feel my heart softening .<br />
<br />
Things will change for you eventually and perhaps they will get better than you ever expected. I hope that for you

nothing is going right for me but no matter rain or shine i thank God everyday for his blessings