I Thank God

I thank God every day for everything givin to me, his love, his blessings, every breath I take, taking care of me, keeping me grounded, patience + standing next to me, etc.

Thank you God!

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just spotted this, appreciate the sentiment. hoping your blessings continue. ;-)

I am truly thankful for indoor plumbing.

I'm going to go have a cup of tea and thank him for the hot water to make it with.


I talk to God every morning over a cup of coffee, He lifts me high,He is my reason for living the peace and joy are unspeckable,I know He is real and He knows me better then any one,and to top it off I trust Him.His love is the greatest love I have ever known.He promises to never leave me or forsake me what more can I ask for?He is my Father.


Funny how when the plane is crashing everyone is praying...I am glad when I see others thanking Him when things are going good. Without a doubt I believe He is happy as well when we offer Him our devotions. Hang in there He does love you.

Thanks! :) Many people pray when things goes bad and in fact that's not how it supposed to be done. Its like using him. We need praying / talking to him everyday, whether things are good or not and maybe this is how we will get answered.

You sound very wise it is unfortunate that most don't realize how grateful we should be for something as simple as that next breath

Thank you! :)

We are to thank Him for all things.<br />
I do for most things but when it comes to devistations or things that are not fare to my heart.<br />
I have a hard time with but all things go through His permissive will and He allows it all for good.<br />
Yes He is always closer then your voice and will be for eternity.<br />
It drives around the bend sometimes when He is quiet for long periods but we are to thank Him for that also.<br />
Only if we were in the spirit and could think like Him.<br />
I am not always happy with His decisions but Father knows best.<br />
Take care