Our [lives]

Heck ya,Man If I didn't have God
I probaly wouldn't be Alive right now,
I Did some screwed up things and admitting
them to myself && Him was somthing I couldn't
do at first,I addmit Im working on some things,but
what Ive learned,Was to aprecciate life,even
if it gets tough,somtimes us Christians say we believe
in God when we truley dont,we're such hypocrites,
and is probaly the reason why we're brought down,
and why half of the people don't like church,
they see us out of church and see our actions,
is why they dont see the point of coming anymore,
they loose sight,and so do we,so when our people
going to addmit there messed up?

When our we going to change our Lives?

Which has inspired me to write a book,
"Heal me First"
22-25, F
1 Response Jul 13, 2010

You might want to work on your grammar before you start the book *wink*

Yeah I know I wrote this when I was like 13, soo im pretty much over it...I'm not gonna write a book anymore...so yeah...