Thanking Our Heroes

My airman has been shown quite a bit of disrespect from many Americans while in uniform. It disgusts me that anyone could be so rude. I don't care if they are against the war but they could at least show a little appreciation to the men and women who are bravely defending their freedom. However, there are still a few kind citizens who want to give back to the troops and to individually thank these men and women. They are the individuals that give me hope in our country.  When my man came home for Christmas and told me about his traveling experiences. He told me how rudely he had been treated throughout the day but then he shared a story with me that brought a huge smile to my face. My airman was waiting to catch his flight and decided to go get a treat out of one of the vending machines in the airport. A kind man came up behind him and insisted on paying for him. He said, "Thank you sir but I've got it covered." The man would not take no for an answer. Sure this wasn't anything huge but this little act of kindness and appreciation made my airman's day. Thank you to all those who do their best to show their support to our brave men and women in the military. God bless! :)

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Awww. Thanks girl. I get the same treatment at times for wearing military t-shirts my man his given me to remind me of his love while he's away. No matter how poorly I get treated, I will never stop wearing them cuz I'm damn proud of my man and love supporting him in every little way that I can <br />
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HUA!!!! :)

thank you for sharing this adventure! It's SO true! Even being a military soldier's wife you get disrespect every where. I've noticed funny looks, people cut me off and such just 'cause I have bumper stickers to support the Military. It isnt fair! I can only imagine what the actual troops have to go through!<br />
I dont see how people can expect to be protected and yet treat those who actually protect them and their rights like out laws or something. It just doesnt make a bit of sence to me....<br />
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Thanks for sharing,<br />
Hooah!<br />
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You are correct. People do not have to be one of these kind and appreciative individuals (although it's always nice....and well deserved by our troops). However, they do at least owe them the highest respect as you've mentioned. They are doing a great job and are such brave individuals. Many of the troops don't want to be involved in the war and yet they're doing the best they can to protect us. That deserves praise right there

unfortunately, there r some in this country who are just idiots. i dont care what the news media says, i think our military is doing and outstanding job and they deserve our highest respect.

Thank you hun. That's exactly right :)

They deserve nothing but our utmost respect and gratitude for putting on that uniform and going to fight for us!!! Whether you love or hate the war they are still there fighting for our rights. If you like being able to speak in America without fear of being censored then thank a military person. May God bless and protect them all. One of my best friends is in Iraq right now. I love that man, but if he dies and leaves me I know he was there doing what he believes in.