Always Thinking Of Him...

I went to a big fair in my state yesterday. had the time of my life. i go every year but this year was the best yet. went with my dad as i always do, but this year it seemed different. they always have different little things that go on. this year they had a circus going on that was free admission. my dad and i went cause we wanted to see the giant white tigers they had there. it was awesome. after the white tigers they had a bunch of other things like trampeezes and a juggaler and a bunch of other things. at the end of the show they brought out a long box like thing. attached to it was a string and when the string went up out came the american flag. but i wasnt a normal american flag. this one was made out of all sparkles and it was beautiful. they played the national anthem and i instantly thought of my boyfriend overseas. i almost started crying but that would have shown my weakness to everyone around me. i hate to cry in public so when i got home i started crying cause i miss him and the flag was really touching to me.

if i had the chance to share it with my soldier i would in a heartbeat! i wouldnt think twice about it. i love him and everything he is doing for our country. i am trying to stay strong for him but its starting to get tough.

alot of my family has been military all different branches and i never thought i would fall in love with a soldier so when i did it changed my life for the better. i cant picture my life without him anymore. i love him forever and always.

sorry for this post being all over the place i just needed to get stuff off my back and maybe mae new friends that i can talk to about everything. thanks for reading <3

if anyone has a Facebook you can add me if you want. Courtney LeBlanc. just make sure you put that you found me because of this site or i wont add you. thanks again everyone <3
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Sep 24, 2010