I Love Our Soldiers!!!

My dad is a soldier. He has been in for around 24 years now. I have met many people who are against the Military, but i always have and always will care about our Soldiers. I want to thank any Soldiers or people who have served our Country that are reading this now. So thank you for making America a place where we can be free, thank you for fighting for our Country, our home.

Keiko93 Keiko93
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2 Responses Aug 9, 2009

i thank every soldier for all they do and all they give. no one seems to understand the strength it takes to be a soldier or a family member of a soldier. my son just got back from 15 month tour in iraq i am literally cryn when i do his laundry cuz im so thankful that he came home alive and i am able to fold his clothes.

:) I was in the Army- now considered a Service Connect Veteran. But thank you for posting this :)