I Have a Habit..

From early age I have a habit that I always say “Thank” to every one , I told you some one I say thank in end , I listen some one I say thank .. I wait for some one I walk I eat once I thought lets counts the word “ Thanks” that how many time in my daily life I say it . and near 73 time I used this word . and you know many people and even my family member also complain that why you say that Thank every time .. I think you have the whole sale stock of Thanks.. I did not weather people like it or not.. but I always feel people deserve that with whom I have a link in my day and nite .. .. ..


Have you ever Thanked the people or your friends specially, for their smiles , their hellos, their taps at your back, their way of calling your name , their way of agreement and disagreement , their way of become angry .. and then cool down ..,


Imagine your friends never doing that anymore could you bear it ?


Small things usually go un noticed but in reality they are the ones who make life look so easy and cheerful  .. so here on I would like to thank all those who are on my friend circle and to whom I disturbed and bothered and few may are angry from me  too and some are very special over here that never give me feelings that I am stranger to them.. I really say thank you so much and you all deserve best .. more and more.. and in end I would like to say Thank you so much who read my these broken words..


Thank you ..



silentvoices silentvoices
4 Responses Mar 3, 2009

I too am a habitually polite person. I say please and thank you for the slightest reason. I've been teased for it. lol silentvoices you are the kindest person I've ever met on EP. I so enjoy your playful attitude, and simplicity. I eagerly await your whiteboard comments, gifts and gestures. It lightens my soul to see how appreciative you are of mine. You seem to have the light-heartedness of a child. That's rare in this day and age. Thanks a million!

I'm going to count the amount of times I say thanks to friends, family and strangers.I say thanks often but i don't always mean it.

This is a very good idea !<br />
<br />
I'm going to count the amount of times I say thanks to friends, family and strangers. I will let you know how many opportunities I get, though you set a high standard with 73 times.<br />
<br />
hugssssss and thanks ( does that count as my first thanks?)

I always say thanxs but some people dont like it..but i still say it..oh and thanxs for being a great friend*