My Nerves Are Getting The Best Of Me

Well with all the **** that I've gone through, I've finally made a break through, but I still have the little issues, but my biggest little issue that keeps popping into my mind is how hard is things going to be since I haven't had a job and I haven't been in school in awhile. I've been sleeping in til 11 and most of you would say thats not bad, but going to bed around 2 or maybe 3 takes alot out on you. I'm going to be taking sleeping pills inorder to deal with this,but not sure how things are going to work. Then there is orientation tomorrow. They said to have a fair and I want to go, but the thing is I'd be there all by myself and I don't want to feel awkward just standing there by myself and not really having any fun. I just people would understand that they would feel the same way, but its not just like that because nobody really knows me the way I know me. I mean if people got to know me then they'd know that I am a twin, but my sister died inside the wum and I feel I have been doing **** by myself for a really long time, but its still with me that I am alone and I need someone by myside. But in the end I feel like I'll go to orientation and do what I need to and then take off cuz Ik I will get through espically since I've been through alot in my life time so far!
But we''ll see how things are in the end!
SakiKibo SakiKibo
18-21, F
Sep 6, 2012