A Barking Dog

Its just gets on my nerves a barking dog

 it just keeps barking and barking. my mother in law has dog i think

the dog just barks for barking. tell me what gets on your nerves.

 m mother in law lets the dog bark and only when she gets tired of the

dog barking then shes the only one that gets to say shhhh to the stupid dog
 update 2011 shes put all of the dogs down but one . she put my husbands dog down he was a
black lab he woulnt bark at anyhing unless there was something wrong ,she really hurt her son
doing that to his dog. she wouldnt even give us the dog to take with us .

lunnas lunnas
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4 Responses Feb 8, 2009

her dogs run her to death in and out 20 times a day , well as of this year shes put the dogs down all but one . she put my husbands dog down and he didnt need to be put down its crule what she did. <br />
i dont hate dogs but dogs that bark at everything drives me nuts. i think she likes to hear the barking. says alot about her i think

I always am hated for saying this, I wish all dogs would just disappear from the planet.

What gets on my nerves is how everywhere you go there is noise. Everyone has to have some sort of background noise going on wherever you go - you can't escape it. I work with little kids and they shout a lot and make lots of noise. Fair enough, I can take that, it's what you expect from 3 year olds. But then I go up to tea break and there is a TV in the staff room. Its always on loud, and because I'm the only one who doesn't like it I have to put up with it. All I want is a few minutes peace, but it's impossible to get.

It may be that he needs alot more exercise than he is getting. Also: is he allowed to bark without being made to stop?