More Things That Drive Me Insane

1. Going to the movies with someone that either talks non-stop or leans all over my seat and hogs the armrest, or even worse someone that does BOTH. Get the **** out of my personal space bubble, shut the hell up, stop ruining movies with your mindless chatter, poking me in the ribs with your elbow and leaning all over me!

2. People with absolutely no manners. Did your mother never teach you to say please and thank you or hold the door open for someone or to say something nice or nothing at all.

3. People that have dogs or children and just let them bug the **** out of you. Get it away please.

4. People that bum cigarettes off me constantly. One cigarette is your limit jackass, and if you can't afford your own then quit.

5. People that come to my house and automatically make themselves right at home, digging through my refrigerator, looking through my stuff, eating my food, etc. Which goes back to the people having manners thing. You either wait for me to offer or atleast ask!

6. People that make me feel comfortable then ask me if I'm saved and invite me to go to their church. One that is absolutely none of your business, two I don't want to go to your church, and three who taught you how to socialize?

7. People that think they're funny, but they're really not, and cannot tell the difference between real laughter and polite laughter. I'm sure we all know one of those people.

8. People that talk on and on and on about something I don't care about when I'm obviously not paying a lick of attention.

9. People that say something highly insulting to you and then apologize and say. "I'm sorry I'm just real blunt." Oh well in that case I'M sorry because when someones openly being a ***** I feel the need to punch them in the face.

10. People that either text me or call me and I don't respond either because I'm busy, sleeping, or don't want to talk to the person, and then they blow up my phone with texts like "U there?"  then call me every five minutes. I'm obviously not there or not taking calls if I am not responding.


11. People that leave me a voice mail that says something either like "Call me if you get this within the next ten minutes, or, call me back I need to ask you something, or, call me as soon as you can its important." I hate nearly giving myself a heart attack worrying that something is wrong only to be tricked into calling someone for some asinine reason.

12. People that bombard you with personal questions that are none of their business, "So where do you work?" "Are you in school?" "Do you have a boyfriend?" "Where do you live?"


13. People that smack gum when they're chewing it. You're not an animal chewing on the entrails of some wounded gazelle, close your mouth.


talktolabomb talktolabomb
18-21, F
Mar 11, 2010