You Are 87% Pure

You're so pure ... you make a nun look like a *****!
There's a lot of life's dark side left for you to experience... if you want to. 

i'm just glad the boxes checked don't appear here!  leaves a lil bit to yall's imagination~~  :P
[i hope no nuns were offended here  ;)]
justsunni justsunni
51-55, F
7 Responses Feb 11, 2011

hehe...i'm still pondering those things i did check! now my bad answers are floating around somewhere in cyberspace! uugghhh! but just cuz i KNOW some bad stuff doesn't mean i've DONE it .......yet...... ;)

omg!! and i thought 87% pure was close to the driven snow! maybe just a lil bit of bird poopy there in that snow...<br />
and i'm liking that word of the day...if i use it do you think my rating will drop to 85%? ;)

well, i'm glad that struck you as sooo funny, young lady!! i'll bet there are lots of nuns who are ******!!! nannynannybooboo :P

you nut! your 72% didn't shock me cuz i KNOW you!! you are a sweetheart and anyone who doesn't believe it can go jump! ♥

I am sooooo bad! I thought I would score higher-but knew-dam yep I did that and yep that too! Yeah I know what you meanLOL

this was sooo funny!! like i said....i'm glad the ones i checked don't appear here. oh, would i be embarrassed!! **blushblush** :P

You CHEATED! You are an angel and you know IThehehehehehe! I got a 72%.