12% Baby! :)

You Are 12% Pure

You're definitely not pure. In fact, you may be one of the most evil people who's ever lived. Remember, good little girls and boys go to heaven. But bad little girls and boys go everywhere!

[x] You have cheated on a test.
[x] You have lied to get out of school.
[] You have plagiarized part or all of a paper.
[x] You have received detention.
[x] You have been suspended from school.

[x] You have a tattoo.
[x] You have at least three tattoos
[]You have a homemade tattoo.
[x] You plan on getting more tattoos in the future.
[]You have given someone a tattoo.

[x] You have something pierced.
[]You have something on your face pierced besides your ears.
[] You have a tongue ring.
[x] You have at least four piercings.
[] You have pierced something for someone.

[x] You have been called a pervert.
[x]You have called yourself a pervert.
[x]You've told a dirty joke.
[x]You've looked for a celebrity's naked pictures online.
[x ]You've had to clear out your browser history because of what was in there.

[x]You have cursed in front of someone else.
[x]You have used the f-word.
[x] You have used the c-word.
[x]You have cursed in front of your mother.
[x] You have taught a young child how to curse.

[x] You have played truth or dare
[x] You have played "doctor".
[x] You have played spin the bottle.
[x] You have played ***** poker.
[x]You have played naked Twister.

[x]You have had an alcoholic drink.
[x] You have been drunk.
[x] You have gotten someone else drunk.
[x] You have thrown up from drinking.
[x] You have blacked out from drinking.

[x] You have flashed someone.
[x] You have mooned someone.
[x] You have gone skinny dipping.
[x]You have streaked.
[x]You have been to a nude beach.

[x]You have slapped someone.
[x]You have punched someone.
[x]You have kicked someone.
[x]You've beaten someone up enough to make them bleed.
[x]You've beaten someone up enough to send them to the hospital.

[x]You have lied about yourself online.
[] You have lied about your gender online.
[x] You have picked someone up online.
[x] You have met someone online for a booty call.
[] You have harassed someone online.

[x]You have taken drugs.
[x]You have had a "bad trip".
[x]You have tried marijuana.
[x] You have tried cocaine.
[x] You have tried heroin.

[x] You have bought an adult magazine.
[x] You have been to an adult bookstore.
[x] You have been to a ***** club.
[x] You have ******** for someone.
[x] You have been to a swingers club.

[x] You have worn a thong.
[x] You have gone without underwear in public.
[x] You have left your underwear at someone else's house.
[x] You own someone else's underwear.
[x] You have worn dirty underwear.

[x] You have gay friends.
[x] You have been to a gay bar.
[x] You have considered being gay or bisexual.
[x] You have come out as gay or bisexual.
[x] You have had a same sex relationship.

[x]You have been to an adult chat room.
[x] You have participated in an adult chat room.
[x] You have called an adult chat line.
[x] You have sent someone an obscene IM or email.
[x] You have made an obscene phone call.

[x]You have shoplifted something small.
[x] You have shoplifted something worth more than twenty dollars.
[x] You have shoplifted more than three times.
[x] You have stolen from a friend.
[x] You have stolen from a relative.

[x]You have had a lover.
[x] You have had more than a few lovers.
[x] You have more than one lover right now.
[x] You have had a one night stand.
[x]You have had lovers who's names you don't remember.

[x]You have wet your pants as an adult.
[x] You have used your shower as a toilet.
[] You have not washed your hands after going to the bathroom.
[x]You have sharted.
[x]You have worn an adult diaper.

[x]You have overheard someone having sex.
[x] You have walked in one someone having sex.
[x] You have walked in on your parents having sex.
[x] Someone has walked on you having sex.
[x] Someone has overheard you having sex.

[x] You have committed a crime.
[x] You have committed a felony
[] You have been arrested.
[] You have been convicted of a crime.
[] You have spent a night in jail.
wetgirl78 wetgirl78
31-35, F
Nov 26, 2012