The 1950's Purity Test

The questions for this test are really conservative. Like we're back in the 1950's. I haven't considered unpure 'thoughts' as being a included. Yet they are. Here's a run down of the test.

Any piercings and that means anywhere except your ears. Tattoos, I don't have any but they were considered only for the bad scary people you should avoid. Gay people ... no no no, only heterosexuals need apply, if you're one of THOSE people you are certainly unpure. Even saying curse words ... you know those naughty 4 letter ones can be an deduction from the score. Forget about even having any 'relations' with someone else out of wedlock. Not pure, no no no. Must have a wedding ring to even consider any of THOSE thoughts. No pictures, desires, talking about it or accidentally walking in on someone else are deductions from the score. Have you committed a crime? Yes, taking those red underwear your mother wouldn't buy you because they were Satan's panties counts. Oh my goodness ... if you wore those panties ... a deduction in score. No thongs (not the shoes) either. How dare you wear any that aren't crisp & clean from the dryer (probably laundered by your mother because that's woman's work). No naughty games where you would remove your clothing. That's certainly unpure. No telling of THOSE kinds of jokes either. We should not even think those kinds of THOUGHTS. Tsk Tsk. How about have you ever defended yourself from someone? Yep, that's on there too. You should just let anyone hurt you & its unpure to fight back. Now everyone who gets older will be considered unpure since if you've worn 'adult diapers' is included. So no Depends wearers allowed. Those are unpure people. Incontinence is only for THOSE nasty unclean people. And of course DRUGS ... now I think this includes almost all older Americans since its impossible for anyone over the age of 40 not to be prescribed something to be taken daily. We must support the pharmaceutical companies. They're so important to our economy. Yes, the US if full of unpure people. Ick.

Okay ... now that I've had my sarcastic fun I'll share my oh my goodness results ... ready ... here they are:

At 61%, you're pretty pure, and you have no plans on changing that (you betcha). You do have a devilish side though... and it will probably get the better of you (tee hee hee).
4vrUnique 4vrUnique
Jan 5, 2013