Now, we are at the point where, now, I think that all of us who have suffered at the hands of our elders turn up at at some time in their childhood. It is now where I have become a misfit at school. I went to three different junior schools and it was when I was at the second on where the other bairns noticed that I was a tad different to the rest in our class.
Taking hassle from an adult is way way different to taking it from another child and it was at this stage that I learnt to fight. The main problem was that I had a fairly effeminant build so the part where I had to hurt someone else was hard work, however, I could really take a very high level of pain. So while I didn`t win too many fights I had the unusual distinction of not losing many either. If someone wanted to hurt me they would have to knock me out; and this doesn`t happen very often amongst bairns.
This left the teaching staff with a problem in that they were working their way through punishments for me but getting nowhere fast.
As a final resort the Head Teacher decided to introduce me to the cane. This is after getting my rear end "pumped with the pump". In other words the bairn had to bend over their desk and a few hits with an adults pump(plimpsole) were administered. Now aged six I was caned and getting my rearend beaten at least once a week, the point I found amusing was no matter how hard or how many strokes I had "administered", you`d think I was taking medicine, they could not make me cry. That was her domain.
You could set your watch by it but each and every Monday evening when I got home I was informed that she`d received a letter from the school and we were going to have a "talk" about it later. Now that did scare me and she could reduce me to a wreck without laying a finger on me, just the thought of what was going to happen made me have a few wet pairs of pants and then it was a catch 22 scenario.
I`ll carry on tomorrow and try to get across what my life had turned into.
May the stars shine upon you and guide you with their light.
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Aug 25, 2014