How I Accidently Cuckold My Husband.

Let me introduce myself first. I have sandy blond hair,weight about 100#,5'3" tall with blue eyes and 32. I have been married for 3 years. It started one night when I was returning home from a baby shower a friend and I threw for another friend of ours. After the party was over I stayed late to help clean up the house. We had been drinking wine the whole day. It was now early evening it had gotten cloudy , very dark and cold. I left for home and had gotten to a semi industrial part of town with no one around on a Saturday nigh.t It had started raining a very cold rain. My car stalled I tried calling my husband for help but had no cell signal. I sat their for a few minutes trying to decide what I was going to do and I was getting cold. I could not see any businesses with any lights on that where close. That is when I noticed a car coming up from behind me. I flashed my lights to get their attention. They pulled in behind me and I now got a little concerned I hoped they where good people I was all alone. I could see a very large person in the head light of the van that had pulled up.the man came up to my window and I cracked it down just a little I was shaking so from the cold and uncertainty of my situation. The man that had pulled up was about 6' tall ,220#, and very dark skin. He asked what the problem was I told him and he said I should pop the hood and he would take a look to see if their was anything he could do. He notice I was shaking like a leaf in the wind and told me I could warm up in the middle seat of his van.. I was wearing a dress for the party and was not at all dressed for the change in weather. He took a few minutes looking under the hood in the rain when came back to the van he jumped in the middle seat with me and took off his soaking wet shirt. He was very muscler. He reached past and grabbed a roll of paper towels that was on the other side of me on the seat. When he did this he rubbed up against me he felt so warm. I had not notice the towels on the seat had grabbed some and used them to dry me off and himself. That is when he grabbed me and started forcing himself on me. He was so strong I begged him NO NO I am married I cannot do this he ignored all my pleas and proceed to climb on top of me and force my legs apart that is when he pulled his huge black member and i started trembling even more he was just huge..My dress had worked it way up to my hips with the struggle and my thin panties where no match for this muscler man. My body was betraying me I was wet and I could smell my bodies perfume in the air. I could feeling large c--- at my pearly gates and with one thrust I felt him penetrate my body with several thrust he had worked himself all the way in. He was in me  where no other man had been before it. I was still trying to resist but my body was saying something different than my mind. It felt so incredible I could not help myself I was on the pill so I was not concerned with getting pregnant and I am sure all the wine I had been drinking had something to do with me letting go and going with the flow. He brought me to one ****** after the other I had never felt anything so pleasurable. When he released his seeds in me I had one of the largest ******* I have ever had.He withdrew himself from me and thanked me. I felt so confused by what had just happened, I was feeling guilt for the pleasure I just had, for letting this happen and concerned how my husband was going to react. That is when Fred told me he had gotten my car started and it should be OK to drive it home. On my way home I was trying to figure out a way I could  explain to my husband what had happened. I decided that it was probably best if I keep this experience to myself and save him the anguish. I stopped at a gas station and cleaned myself a little. When I arrived home I jumped into the shower almost immediately after I walked in the door. My husband was full of question about the day. He followed me into the bathroom. That is when I got concerned that he would want join me in the shower and had to tell him I was to tired and cold  and I just wanted to get cleaned up after helping host the party. and climb into bed to get warmed up. After several months had past I found myself still thinking about my experience and wanting to try another black man to see if the monster with in me that had been created could be satisfied.                                                       I set up a girls night out at a club that I found out was used as  a pick up club. Of course I did not share this information with my girl friends or they would not have showed up.                                                                                           We all where having a good time dancing drinking and flirting. I noticed this well dressed black man that I wanted to talk with.We danced a few dances and I could feel his large package when we danced a few slow dances. The rest of my friend left they all had  children to go home to.  I was still on the dance floor with John when they left. He invited me over to hotel room witch was just a  block away. My mind was racing I knew what would happen if I went with him I was feeling guilt about stepping out on my husband like this. But I could not get the over whelming pleasure feeling out of my head and loins that I had felt some months before. I agreed to go with him. When we got in the room he offered me another beer and soon we where making out and our clothes where off and we where in the bed. He started to eat and lick me which all ways got my motor running strong. Soon he was thrusting his large c--- in me.                                                                                                                     I would guess  he was about 6'tall and 200# with about 8" to 9"  shaft  I was feeling some of the largest ****** I have ever had. I had to let out some very vocal sounds of joy with the biggest one being when he emptied he black man hood into my white c--t.                                                                              After this night I knew I was in trouble. I did not want to stop what I was experiencing with these black men. I did not want to leave my husband. He is a good man. A good provider and fun to be with. He was just not that great in bed. This was not his fault. I went on line exploring to see if other people wh feeling the way I was. That is when I learned about cuckolding and I came up with a plan to introduce my husband to my black lover.                                       I started suggesting to my husband  we watch some **** on the internet and I steered him toward interracial  cuckolding. I found this got him very aroused. He started hinting to me after several month of watching if I would like to try a black lover. As far as my husband new I had been true to him. I told him no I did not want to seem to willing.  After several times of him asking I said maybe. All this time I had been seeing a black man on the side on a regular basis. Of course my husband was not aware of that. I finally agreed to try it but I wanted input into who. I new this way I could get my current black lover into the master bed room. My husband posted an add and I instructed my lover to answer. My husband and I looked at several different men.  I found some that where quite good looking but I picked my lover. It was hard  the first few times we hooked up in the master bed room  not to seem like I knew my new  lover to well (HAHA). I have still been taking the pill for these last few  years so every thing has been safe.  At age 37 we are talking about starting a family. I would like it to be my husbands. But if it ends up being from my lover I will be OK with that.   I do not know how my husband would feel about that.
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Accidentally or Manipulatively ?

If this story is true [a big If], then that is not cuckolding; that is cheating.
U clearly had an affair, lied & cheated on your husband; then manipulated him to legitimise your affair & now you are evne ready to have a baby with your lover ? That is not cuckolding.

In cuckolding evrything happens with husband's consent & according to his input. & you do not have a lover. You have bulls or studs. Actually, the fact that U call him your lover clearly shows that this is not cuckolding but an affair.
I can even imagine how U & your bf must have joked about how easy it was to fool your husband & how stupid he is.& now, U are ready to have a child with him, clearly shows that who is your man according to U .

Have U ever really though about how humiliated your husband woud be if your child turns out to be colored ? How people will think of him when they see you 2 with your colored child ? & how it will affect the child when s/he was an illegitimate child who's father left another man to raise him/her ?

Although I think your husband shoud have noticed things going behind is back but still I suggest U let him go so that he coud be with a woman who will love him rather than a woman who lied, manipulated & used him.

Great story, thanks.

To be honest, I would recommend you talk to your husband about this.... afterall, it is easy to bring a child into this world, but what will happen to that innocent kids life, if it's your stud's and not husbands. Also, how would the rest of the family (his and/or your side) accept or respond to this. Remember, now it's about the kid and not you or the two men in your life. Think ahead and not just of your needs, but again, the childs needs and life for that kid growing up. Thank you for sharing your story and hope my candor helped you look at the other side.