My My Morning Rituial With Diaper,plastic Pants,pacifier,cathaters,enemas And Man Boob Nipple Stimulation

Well my morning rutine starts with me in my bed rubbing my man boob nipples with my fingers for some nipple stimulation. They become really hard. While rubbing them my baby **** rises to attention. My cloth diaper and plastic pants are wet from the night before. While rubbing i am sucking on my pacifier, also i am opening and closing my legs to here my plastic pants crinkling.I can almost *** without touching if i keep it up. My diaper is now almost soaked with pee. I go to the bathroom and remove my plastic pants. I then take the plastic pants and smell the pee from my night wetting. i then lick clean my plastic pants. i then put them in my diaper pail. I un pin my cloth diaper and and i bring it up to my face and inhale the aroma of my last nights pee. I then suck a little pee form it then i put it in my diaper pail with the other wet diapers. I then retrieve my cathater. I do all the prepping then i incert the cathater all the way up to the tip. I take the tip of the cathater ans slowly slide it in and out until i almost ***. I then remove the cathater and clean myself off. Depending on what day it is i have an enema a 2 quart red bag does the trick. Then i rub baby powder to my diaper area, then i tape on my disposable diaper followed by my plastic pants. I look in my mirrow to see the big toddler baby still sucking his pacifier. i get dressed for work and off i go. To come home and undress down to my diapers plastic pants t shirt and pacifier. i Then rub my plastic pants until i climax in my diaper, wow what a morning .
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2 Responses May 11, 2012

do you have a woman to share this awesome fun with or is it just a lonesome fun you have without a partner I hope you have someone to enjoy this with I know how much fun it is

Thats sound like heaven <br />
ive just *** in mine cheers