My First Time In Plastic Pants

I was 4 yrs old, and my sister, (who was 1yr old), slept in the same room. I kept looking at those smooth,shiny,plastic panties she wore over her diaper and kept getting a little stiffy. I so much wanted to feel those plastic pants against my penis. So one night, I took my pajamas and underwear off and slid those wonderful smooth, shiny,plastic panties up over my penis. It felt good and looked great, pressed tightly against my little wee. I ran my hands over my bum and wee to feel how smooth they felt. It tickled a little, but at four I couldn't ***. I felt that there was something more to this, but didn't know what. I climbed into bed feeling the smooth plastic slipping and sliding against the sheets, wanting more. I reluctantly took them off so as not to be caught with them in the morning. From that time on I would buy plastic pants with my allowance money whenever I went to the store for Mom. I would hide them in the crawl space in my bedroom until bedtime and slip them on and prance around feeling how smooth they felt on my penis and how shiny they looked in the wall mirror, especially how my penis looked pressed tightly against the plastic. When I was 10 yrs old, we had just came back from a Red Cross swimming lesson, and Mom made us take a nap. I pulled out my smooth,shiny, plastic panties and slowly slid them up my legs, anticipating the final touch of them sliding up and over the head of my little penis. This day felt different somehow, my penis was oozing which made the plastic slippery inside. It felt sooo good, I just knew my plastic pants were going to feel especially good today. I started sliding the plastic gently up and down my penis, It kind of hurt, but at the same time it felt really good, especially watching the head press against the shiny plastic. I continued sliding the plastic up and down, now knowing why I liked plastic panties. After a while it didn't hurt anymore, just felt wonderful. Seeing my little penis pressed tightly against the plastic feeling it's slipperiness, rubbing against the sensitive underside and head of my penis, rubbing faster, wanting my plastic panties to make me feel sooo good, and then I felt the head of my penis feeling better, feeling something moving from down lower. I could see white stuff squirting from my penis against the inside of my plastic panties, all the while feeling how good my plastic panties felt rubbing against my penis as I squirted, seeing how shiny they were, how smooth they felt, feeling the *** work it's way up my penis and to see it squirt against the wonderful plastic that made me *** soooo good. After that, I've been ******* in plastic panties almost every day.
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thats about the way i started, and still like to *** in them every nite

i play with plastic baby pants almost everyday to i love plastic baby pants to i *** so hard in them

I've enjoyed wearing and ************ in smooth plastic panties ever since I was 9 years old ! back then I was forced to wear smooth plastic panties without diapers , because of my bed wetting problem ! At first I was real imbarased .....but after a few nights , I started to enjoy the smooth slippery feeling of the plastic rubbing against my bare bottom and my **** and balls and developed a hard on every night that I put them on ! one night my mom came into my room to check to see if I had my tight little baby plastic panties on ......and she noticed my hard on and pulled me out of the bed and said ......I see that you enjoy wearing those baby plastic panties .....let's see if you enjoy this ..... she went and got dads old leather razor strap and started spanking me while I was still in my plastic panties .......boy oh boy did that ever hurt .....the spanking over my plastic panties stung worse that if I was being spanked on my bare bottom .......after she was done spanking me .... she sent me back to bed ! as I was laying in bed , with my red throbbing warm bottom and my plastic panties still on , I started to get the largest hard on I'd ever had .......I started to rub my penis through my plastic panties and befor long , I had the best ****** that I've ever had ! And ever since then , I've loved being spanked while I wear plastic panties !!! I'am now a slim and very good looking toned guy in my late 50 with a completely shaved tanned body .... and my fetish is that I love wearing plastic panties and given a good hard spanking while I'am wearing them !!!!!! rubber panties boy

sounds familiar

oh i do too and my bf i let him pull out of me and let it go intoo my plastic panties oh feel so good too

I'd like to hear your story if it's okay

Very similar to my own story, and identical to my own joy!