They Fee Lgood Slipping And Sliding Against Bed Sheets

I used to rub my plastic covered wee against the sheets of my bed when I was 4 yrs old.It felt good, but too young to experience the true pleasure of smooth, shiny slippery, plastic rubbing against one's ****, in another word, I didn't know how to *** in my plastic panties yet.
I would slip them on and my little stiffy couldn't wait to to feel the smooth plastic sliding gently over the head of my little wee. I would walk around my bedroom touching and feeling the smoothness of my plastic pants against my little wee. I'd look down and see my wee, pressed against the plastic, wanting them to make me feel good down there. I would touch, feel the smoothness, see my little wee pressed tightly against the plastic, gently feeling the contour of my little wee through the plastic always knowing that these plastic panties could make me feel something amazing.I love the way my **** looks covered in plastic, the feel of smooth,shiny,slippery, plastic rubbing gently against the sensitive underside and head of my ****. The look of smooth,shiny plastic covering and rubbing the head of my ****, waiting to squirt my *** hard against that delicious plastic. I can still feel the plastic rubbing against my throbbing, squirting,head knowing as I watch my **** squirting against the inside of my plastic panties, I wish I could have *** at 4 yrs old.
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3 Responses May 20, 2012

Got to agree, that is part of the pleasure of Plastic Pants. They can be slippery and that makes them neat to wear and feel. Just this weekend, i wore a pair over cotton briefs, it was hot and by the time I got home, I was sweated through, just as if I had peed, and it was such a great feeling. I will have to do it again.

Unfortunately I don't have webcam or camera at this time. Hope to in the future.

Can you post any pictures? Eager to see you having fun!