Before The Bang

we have been told the universe,space and time,all started,with a big bang,but no one has explained how some thing can come from nothing
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it is only thinking that makes it good or bad

There is nothing.We have to do something to make something happen.Good or bad.

Everything comes from nothing. Biblical big bang -- Let there be ... Right before that word ... nothing. The quest for begining is the quest for nothing. The earliest stories were illustrated with a ring, no beginning, no end so about the begining, in the beginning, nothing was said.<br />
I once wrote<br />
a poem<br />
About nothing<br />
at all<br />
Made me proud<br />
I stood up tall<br />
Then I realized<br />
That nothing<br />
Is everything<br />
I never had

lija?....................................all illusion,and delusion?

Where did that golden statue come from and when?

There are many wonders of creation we still do not understand, like the quantum world where magic happens all the time!!.