I Think I Might Lose My Business

This is really a hard time for me...i don't even know how to start. I created a business, gave it the name, Designed it, worked it for 7 years now and bought my x business partner out.
The story however, starts when i can not continue to make my scheduled monthly payments due to the economy to my x business partner and so he of course takes me to court. He didn't want to settle for less money a month Wanted to get me personally liable so my attorney suggested I file bankruptcy.
To make the story short, my first attorney was highly recommended and said that I would never lose my business. That i had a bazuka on him. Of course that makes you feel confident enough to retain him so we did. He would never show up to court. He would always send his assistants that never knew what was going on. So, i decided to change attorney's and did. This one on the other hand is much better in showing up but i feel as though He is looking out for my best interest but not what i want him to look after. I know that sometimes what we want doesn't make economic sense to them but it does to us and it is something that i want to keep because it's my baby and at the end of the day, reality is that if i lose my business then i am out of a job but he is stil an attorney.
Anyhow, filed bankruptcy and now my X partner has the opportunity of bidding on my business on a low offer that the court put on my business. I can also bid but i don't know how much money my x partner could come up with. I am so scared. The auction is tomorrow and i can't sleep.
Lesson learned "attorney's don't know everything, they just BS you all the way"
Yoya1433 Yoya1433
36-40, F
May 8, 2012