Recently I posted a story about my bipolar friend and wondered what I could do to help him. After he told me he was bipolar he was missing from school for 3 weeks. I started to worry and sent him a note through his younger brother, telling him to give the note to his brother when he got home. He told me he wasn't at home, and I figured correctly he had been hospitalized. When he came back to school he came straight to me to say hello and thanked me for my letter. In a few days he seemed to be back to his old self, but I figured it was his medication.
We had a week and a half vacation after that and in the two days of school after that, he has been gone again. I have really no way of contacting him since he never is on Facebook and apparently doesn't check his emails. I don't know what to do if he doesn't show up for another week. I want to be there for him but it's really hard when he's never around. I feel that if I send him another note he'll think I'm chasing him. I don't talk to his brother ever and haven't been able to catch his brother alone to ask him about him. I feel helpless as to know what to do and I feel like I'm being a terrible friend. Any advice?
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You are being a great friend

I think you're being an awesome friend, but it sounds like he doesn't really want to be around people right now. Let him focus on recovering right now and when he's ready you can be there for him. I'm sure he appreciates you caring about him. You're not being a terrible friend at all.