I only had one episode, it's been 4 years. But it was scary. Not when I lived it though. It was like I had put myself to sleep and someone else had taken over. Not like depression though. It felt ecxiting but it wasn't. I did stupid, dangerous things, I alienated from my sister because she was questioning my behaviour--of course whe was only trying to help me, and I realised that only when the episode was over. I remember going to my doctor and telling him I'm well, I'm feeling good, I 'm motivated, I started doing things and got of the couch, and was startled when he told me "ok, but we don't want to feel TOO good either". I was thinking to myself, is he an idiot or what??

Recently I was going through hypomania I think, I was so worried of another episode happening... Thankfully, it didn't.
aloneforlong aloneforlong
26-30, F
Dec 18, 2014