Being Bipolar Doesn't Have to Ruin Your Life - Personal Message to Those Who Join This Group

"Come again?"

"Excuse me?"

Being bipolar doesn't mean it's the end of the world for anyone.  It's all in how one CHOOSES to perceive it.  Sure you cycle and swing from mood to mood. So what? Big Deal? It's okay.  To be honest, EVERY PERSON WHO WAS EVER BORN has mood swings.  We bipolaristic people are not all that different from "normal" folk.  You know what, in ways WE ARE BETTER THAN "NORMAL" FOLK.  And we are more EVOLVED. 

People who have bipolar are more adapt to what is going on around them (or us).  We see things better than most people and we are even more creative than "normal" folk.  By far, we are smarter and we are able to be more of ourselves rather than like normal folk.

Bipolar holds no one back.  It advances us.  We have the capability to succeed and do greater things than "normal" folks. We are more in-tune with our feelings and emotions, as well as the world around us.  And for those of us who have accepted this part of their lives, we are stronger and can handle more than "normal" folks.  I pity those who are not bipolar sometimes.  Being "normal" doesn't suit me so well. 

A lot of folks with bipolar have higher tolerances for physical pain and stress.  We are able to go inside ourselves and really feel who we are as people.  And yes, WE ARE PEOPLE TOO!!!!!!!!!!!

I know some folk haven't reached their comfort zones with being bipolar and this is why i started this group.  Blacks (or African Americans), Latinos/Hispanics, and even the LGBT community are at greater risks for not having a support group or system  inside of our own families because some of us are bipolar.  We didn't choose this so-called affliction, it chose us.  Did you know that because of our communities blacks and the communities of Latino/Hispanic folks are the most undiagnosed people to have bipolar, but show the clear signs of it? This is a mental "defect" that should NOT go on being diagnosed.  Diagnosis saves lives, i am the perfect example of that.  I tried to take my life 5 times starting at ages 13-24. 

So if you are out there and feel like you have no place to go or to belong to, this is the place for you and anyone is welcomed - even if i have blocked you from my actual profile, YOU ARE WELCOMED HERE.  Bipolar is bigger than pettiness and random squabbles. I don't have to like you nor do you have to like me - and if bipolar effects you i cannot refuse an outlet to anyone.   

I wish all of you the best of luck on your journeys and living your lives day to day with bipolar.

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Ok, I gotta ask. Why would you invite someone who you already blocked?