So Unsure Of Everything.

okay so i have fallen into being depressed and it seems i cant get up. it has taken over everything and i hate it. im a senior in high school and this last month i have been to maybe two days of school, because most the days i just cant pull myself out of bed.

so here is my problem i want help. i did some time in the hospital when i was sixteen the doctor told me he thought i was bipolar but due to me being underage he couldnt diagnose me. everyone on my dad's side is bipolar and my aunt even died due to disease. so i live in such a small town that its hard to go to the doctor and ask. i dont even know what to say. and it doesnt help that my doctor is the father of one of my friends.

i want help. i want to get better, but i have no clue how to do that. or what i have to do. anyone have any ideas?

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4 Responses Jan 12, 2010

I completely understand what you are feeling. I'm currently experiencing the emotions of depression. I'm also bipolar and on medication. But this is all new to me. I am trying to except it, I just don't understand it. So far, it takes alot of will power which we have. If you ever need someone to talk to..i'm here.

I feel the same way sometimes.

thanks everyone. i feel i need to clear up something. i was sixteen when i was put in the hospital. i am now eighteen lol. and the bipolar is on my dad side. my mom knows nothing about it and doesnt understand. she just has the view that if your bipolar your crazy and unsafe to be around, because of stories she has heard and my father. i have done lots and lots of my own research iv read everything there is to read lol. and one book that really helped me was Manic i loved that book and have read it a few times. i even went through and highlighted parts that just really hit home to me. all your guys suggestions have helped a lot and i take them to heart. KM i do believe in god and some days thats the only thing that keeps me going. my faith is a big part of who i am.

thanks guys. all of that means alot. first thing ill do tomorrow is talk to my mom about finding a doctor and trying to work everything out. thanks again. KM quick question does it ever get easier? will i ever feel normal again?