I Scare Me

Its hard enough being black or female where I'm from.  Being bipolar makes it worse.  I went to this doctor ten years ago and he told me that I was bipolar.  He called me a psycho or may as well had.  I haven't told anyone I know yet.  The only reason I went to see the doctor was because I had the same nightmare every night.  He asked me about everything.  My moods, medical history, and if I took street drugs.  I scare me sometimes because I never know what to expect.  I can be fine one minute and someone else the next minute.  I'm stuck between a hard place and a stone.

raeanne79 raeanne79
31-35, F
1 Response Feb 1, 2010

I was diagnosed bipolar in 1984. I've gone through so many different medications it's been crazy. Getting use to the meds I'm on now was no fun at all. Do you journal? Have you gone to a website called patientslikeme?