I Am The High Priestess At The Church Of Sadistic Evil

Bow to My Sadistic Superior Greatness & Evil !!! I am the Black Leather Gloved High Evilatrix of Satan. You must bow down in complete submission, & servile inferiority. Your God is a liar, a fraud, hypocrite, murderer,without the balls to admit it. I represent an Evil that if you were to know its power you standing near ME would beg to die. Satan has taught ME to enjoy all I can. He has never asked Me to kill for him though easily I would. We never have gone to war over Satan. Your sand religions along with your books & their stories that are contradictory & full of lies, exaggerated stories,hypocrites,liars, & traitors, adulterers,murderers,thieves,powermad greed driven, users of all & takers of souls shall be destroyed by the liars who tell you to fear your loving god. A god who impregnated a married woman,asked for sacrifices,killed his own son,& killed more men & women in his name because they didn't believe the lies we hear still today. Come to Satan to enjoy life kill no one not deserving of retaliation. We do not prejudice by color,ethnicity,sexual orientation,gender,or physical ability. I Madame Eva Evil High Priestess Evilatrix, the UNHOLY DOMINA She who wears Satan's Black Leather Gloves invite you inferiors to begin your submissive inferior servitude to Me, She Who has been chosen to be worshiped & obeyed. Picked to rule in his honor I MADAME EVA EVIL. The high Priestess of the Sadistic Evil. Worship Me on your knees. Feel the onslaught of MY whips. Cry & beg for mercy. I will see all fear Me & My sadistic lusts. I will take & make homosexuals of many men for Satan. You are all here to be enslaved, by ME. My Evil hasn't any limits!!! I shan't be denied.
evaevil evaevil
4 Responses Nov 26, 2012

Hey interesti tough guy you come here make a challenge leave nasty remarks then block Me. You are a ***** ****** little wewe gimp

i hope many worships you im so hard now

Interesti, what does HPE, UD, HPSE & MEE all that stand for. So you challenge Me then ask to bring a friend ? After 5 Minutes anywhere with a Neanderthal such as yourself I would come out bored to tears. What is it oh I know you must be jealous of Me stealing your boyfriends ? Master of what a room at a place that rents by the hour, day, or week ? You I bet are a tiny peepee boy so masturbatory is out too. You don't want to mess with Me moron as I don't need help to take you down but you're talking such tuff stuff then say you can bring someone to help you. Nobody could help you. Write your own stuff instead of looking at those who wouldn't **** on you if you were ablaze. Get something worthwhile to say I'll listen until then shut up. You know your lips move when you read ? "How did you know Madame, he said something stupid" ? " Because his lips moved".

P.S. Boy you are so much the tuff guy that you talk trash then run off & block Me. Ok when & where tuff fee fee wad panties. You aren't man enough to be a sissy.

think im in lust

Yeah well let's try this Eva Evil, HPE, UD, HPSE,,MEE, this all reads like a doctors door.
You - me hotel room somewhere private. Sound proof.
7 days - 7 nights. A little fun. Maybe more.
We'll see who comes out worshipping who and what Master they end up serving.
I like the avatar.
I could bring a friend maybe. She could help or watch.