Mini portable single horn

Mini Portable Speakers points in terms of pronunciation unit mainly has a horn, a horn+a bass radiator, a horn + inverter hole and speaker diaphragm of a body to wait for a few kinds. Mainly divided into ordinary single cylinder on the function of mini bluetooth speaker and outdoor mini bluetooth speaker, etc.

Ordinary monocular mini bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speakers on the threshold of this simple monocular bluetooth speakers in the most prosperous. Because of its simple structure process, no need special technical support, attracted a lot of manufacturers, because the price was new to bluetooth speakers of people like, place the speakers are on the market. For people to know and be familiar with bluetooth speaker has just made no small contribution. But because of its sound cavity cavity is too small, serious product homogeneity, low price constraints, their own conditions on the speaker sound quality is very difficult to have a breakthrough, the duration is shorter, mostly between 2 ~ 3 hours, that causes the speakers use limitation is very big, most can only be used in a fixed place. Its use most people no requirement to quality, and low prices of ordinary monocular magic speaker, it's easy to let the public to buy.

Outdoor monocular mini bluetooth speaker

Because ordinary mini bluetooth speaker is very difficult to meet the requirements of outdoor environment, so the outdoor Mini Waterproof Speakers was born. Its wireless, portable, household can outdoor use, can meet the requirements of basic waterproof and fall off, can satisfy a simple outdoor sports, but also due to the limitation of the volume is too small, the sound quality can't have bigger breakthrough, only on the portability and water-proof, it broke a breakthrough, the life is in commonly 3 ~ 5 hours of battery life is only a short outdoor activities. As a transitional product of outdoor bluetooth speakers, its price is relatively cheap. This kind of speaker's main advantage is compact, portable, convenient to carry, but along with the other side of the cabinet is the sound quality, bass is poorer, shortcomings and so on short battery life. Article source:

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Aug 29, 2014