Temporal Lobe Seizure Caused By Tumor

about a 1 year ago me and my mother started to look for a diagnosis for my hard to describe seizures. all doctors we tried to talk to would not  believe us and so my problem got worse.  eventually since my mom is a volunteer firefighter and her chief is a paramedic we got good info on what doctor to go to. we went to that doctor and he sent me to get a m.r.i. and they found a tumor kind of long but not wide, on the right side of my brain in my temporal lobe. so obviously we had to get the tumor out. on june 14, 2009 i went into surgery and came out of it. it was successful and today im  just taking a lot of medicine that have side effects. but before all this, at school life got harder and harder to deal with because of the seizures would just distract me so much.but if the tumor had to be anywhere in my head it was in a good place smiley
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Hey Alicia,<br />
My name is Alexa. I hope you are doing well since your surgery. I had brain surgery when I was 13 years old for bleeding on the left side of my brain. Recovering emotionally was more challenging than anything. I am now 21 years old and soo thankful for my health and life. If you ever need to talk, I am here! <br />
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~Alexa :)

Well done you, respect - look it in the eye and get on with it. Your attitude is really positive and you have done really well. I had a tumour removed three years ago from the Right Frontal lobe which was the size of my fist; they gave me three weeks to live with out the operation - diagnosed because I had a siezure.<br />
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I hope all is well and you do not get too many side effects from the medication; more over I hope th esiezures have calmed down enough for you to put your life back together.<br />
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I drive again now and have loads of fun, time is a good healer - bit corny but true<br />
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Stay well and god bless