Our Culture

I wanted to write about an incident that occured with another culture,made me realize something. A while back I did some volunteer work, building maintainance, repair work, paid for materials because I wanted it to be that way. Later, after being invited to a social event there, I invited the one who was in charge to my house, he agreed. Got a call the morning of that day, he would be unable to come. Preparations had been made for this. Felt like I was slapped in the face and angry, that he didnot do what he said he would, as far as I am concerned, you must always do what you say-no excuses.I no longer went to that building. Here is the lesson I learned: that culture has nothing to do with good manners, that your word must be followed. your character must be honorable. Culture in some ways limits you
, in in your thinking and physically. To me it matters little, the circumstances under which I was born. What matters to me is, to have intergrity and freedom from worldly cares and problems. There are no strings that pull me unless I choose it. Always was a kind of maverick anyway. Its kind of odd about this because other places and other cultures interested me. In the end, I guess what matters is not where or what we associate with but what we are. So to sum it all up backgeounds don.t interest me any longer. Let me know if this small story relates to you or not.
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61-65, M
Aug 21, 2012