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I Was Raped By A Man When I Was Crossdressed

Hi everyone: perhaps U can decide if I should not be upset, I feel I was raped , even tho I went to a strangers hotel room wearing

a matching underwire brassiere (that makes me have womanly ****) & panties , and pantygirdle with a slip under a womans

Gloria Vanderbilt jeans and a polo top , and hi heels . After we exchanged a few words he ordered dinner for us and had roomservice

in his suite .. Afer dinner he said we should get comfortable and he got into a robe and i took off my street clothes . I was excited and had a

a big erection inside my LLPG , he looked me over lifted up my slip  and told me to take off my LLPG , when I did he got behind me and rubbed my ****

until i was rubbing my **** on his erection . He told me to get on the bed,  and I did thinknig he would be with me, instead he

told me to get on my knees and I did then he said "get your **** on the bed" and I said I am not sure ..... that is  when he hit me and told me

"get your **** on the bed now *****" . I complied and I felt him grab my hips and pull my *** towards his really thick **** and then I felt his **** pushing  

up to my twatass .

That was when I realized I was being raped , he pushed his uncut  6" **** that was more than  4" thick into me and when it went inside me,

I cried out and realized I was torn . He just kept it in me deep until I cried and begged him to stop , and then reached down and picked up my body (he

was really big and strong)

and procceded to bounce me up and down on his big **** inside my **** and then I got fully erect and as he came inside me he said "U have **** like a

woman baby , and filled me with his spooge .

After he finished ******* inside me ,  he let his **** pop out and I could feel his **** all over my ***,  he told me to get my stuff and get out , he

slammed the door and I was left to drive home with *** dripping out of my sore twatass knowing now I was a real sissy queen ******
tammyie11111 tammyie11111 46-50 2 Responses Apr 3, 2012

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As soon as you say NO! STOP! Its rape if you are told he will kill you if you tell or shout out, its rape!
Only you will know if that hapend, then you will know if its rape or just ruff and then discard sex!

I think down deep, you wanted it. You got a hard on when he was ******* you and after it was over you knew you were a real sissy queen.<br />
<br />
I loved your story.