At The Dentist? Really

I have an 8am dentist appointment today, I like to get them over with because I hate the dentist. The girl getting me ready said the Dentist got stuck in traffic and will be a 1/2 hour late. I said ok laid back in the chair and started thinking about the hot sex I had the night prior, I did not work until later so I had my tight blue jeans on. I guess I was excited because my big **** was rock hard and the nurse sat down next to me to put that little bib **** thing they put on you and she smiled and said what are you thinking about. I smiled looked down (and thought oh ****) she said my goodness it is so big. She said can I touch it? (I am thinking WTF I am sitting in the dentist chair and I hear other people in other rooms, of course I said sure. So she rubs it, and oh my god it got bigger and she said I have to see it. She unbuttoned my pants. Pulls it out and bends down and sucks it, I shake my head am I dreaming? Sh looks up and says this is the biggest **** I have ever seen or sucked, then she says **** it I have to have it. She shuts the door drops her pants and panties pushes up the arms of the chairs and climbs up. (I am a very adventurous guy but even I was thinking someone could walk in at any time) she slides down on my **** she is soaking wet but very tight she bites my shirt and puts it in her mouth so she won't scream and rides me like crazy and she is screaming into my shirt. I open her shirt grab her nipples and pull and twist them and that's it she goes crazy I feel her ***** ******* all over me she is pounding down hard and then I *** filling her ***** shot after shot and then she stays on my **** holds me and her ***** is quivering. She gets up gets dressed licks my **** clean of my *** and hers zips me up, whispers in my ear that's one of the best ***** I have ever had and I have never ever let anyone *** in my *****. I said don't worry I am shooting blanks Lol. When I am done she hands me a piece of paper with her phone number and it says I want more of that ****....
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3 Responses Sep 7, 2012

I sure do go to the wrong dentist!

That is so hot!

ummmmm-hmmm show me the pictures