The Dream Questionnaire: My Results

1) I have dreamt that I woke up, but in fact I was still dreaming   [X]
2) I have dreamt that I knew I was dreaming and could interfere in the dream  [X]
3) I have dreamt that I could see what was happening from outside, as if I were another person  [X] 
4) I have had a recurring dream for years  [X]
5) I have experienced sleep paralysis (I felt someone was standing next to me and looking down at me, but I could not move)   [X]
6) I have woken up from a dream, fell asleep again minutes or hours later, and the dream went on like a film   [X]
7) I have had a nightmare after watching a scary film/reading a scary book    [X]
8) I have had recurring nightmares in the wake of a traumatic experience     [X]
9) I have had unusual dreams during a disease/fever    [X]
10) I have had unusual dreams during pregnancy    [  ]
11) I have had a dream showing the gender of my baby   [  ]
12) I have had a nightmare or an unusually agreeable dream a few days before a traumatic experience/the onset of a disease  [X]
13) I have woken up crying   [X] 
14) I have woken up in a cold sweat/ with my heart pounding/ suffocating  [X]
15) I have woken up laughing   [X]
16) I have woken up speaking  [X]  *once*
17) I have dreamt that I was feeling cold or needed to pee  [X]
18) I have dreamt about a fact that happened some time later exactly as the dream had shown  [X]
19) ... about a fact that happened some time later but not exactly as the dream had shown   [X]
20) ... about a fact that never happened, or happened in a totally different way than the dream had shown   [X]
21) ... about a fact that happened some time later (or had happened some time before, but I did not know that) to someone else   [X]  *often*
22) ... about a fact that I read about in the papers or saw on TV some time later   [X]
23) ... about a scene from a film or book before watching/reading it   [  ]
24) ... about the date of a future fact      [X]  *day of the week/year*
25) ... about blood/ bleeding/ crying tears of blood  [X]
26) ... that I lost or pulled out one or more teeth   [  ]
27) ... that my eyes were a different color  [  ]
28) ... that one of my eyes was wounded  [  ]
29) ... that I was stung by a spider, scorpion, snake or other poisonous creature  [  ]
30) ... that I was being chased or attacked by a monster, ferocious creature etc.  [X]
31) ... about a zombie apocalypse  [  ]
32) ... about aliens/ an alien invasion  [  ]
33) ... about a church or cathedral  [X]
34) ... about symbols in the night sky   [X]
35) ... about a natural catastrophe  [X]
36) ... about a world war  [X]
37) ... that I was abducted  [  ]
38) ... that I was looking in the mirror [X]
39) ... that I was shopping   [X]
40) ... that I was dancing    [X]
41) ... that I was drowning   [X]  *only once*
42) ... that I was falling   [X]
43) ... that I was dying   [X]  
44) ... that I was drunk   [  ]
45) ... that I had a magical power  [X]
46) ... that I was in the basement of my house   [  ]
47) ... that there was something behind or under my bed   [X]
48) ... that there was something inside my closet   [X]
49) ... that there was someone/something behind me/ at my back door/ in my back yeard  [X]
50) ... that I was standing behind someone   [X]
51) ... that there was someone/something to my left   [X]
52) ... that there was someone sleeping next to me    [X]
53) ... that I was arguing with/ being attacked by my father (or older brother, uncle...)   [X]
54) ... that I was receiving advice from my mother (grandmother, aunt, or any other older woman) / that my mother (or any older woman) made a statement   
55) ... about a deceased relative   [X]
56) ... about my childhood home   [X]
57) ... about my old school   [X]
58) ... about an old school mate   [X]
59) ... that I lost a beloved one   [X]
60) ... that I was getting married   [X]
61) ... that I met my soulmate   [X]
62) ... that I was being cheated by my partner   [X]
63) ... that I was having sex with an acquaintance or friend  [X]
64) ... that I was having sex with a famous person   [X]
65) ... that I was having sex with a relative   [  ]
66) ... that I was having sex with a total stranger   [X]
67) ... that I was reunited with my ex   [X]
68) ... that I had a helpful friend of the same sex   [X]
69) ... that I had a helpful friend of the opposite sex   [X]
70) ... that someone I know was looking different/ was behaving differently   [X]
71) ... that I was protecting a baby or child   [X]
72) ... that I was pregnant   [X]
73) ... that I was making a sacrifice   [X]
74) ... that a neutral voice made a statement   [X]  *some of the most important dreams in my life*
75) ... that I found a new room in my house   [X]
76) ... that my house was looking different   [X]
77) ... that I was afraid to open a door    [  ]
78) ... that I was in a country I have never been too   [X] 
79) ... that I was naked in public   [  ]
80) ... that I was hiding from someone   [  ]
81) ... that I was running from someone   [X]   
82) ... that I was lost in a maze, unknown house or neighborhood etc.   [X]
83) ... that I was facing difficulties to accomplish a mission or arrive at a certain place   [X]
84) ... that I was looking for a place or object   [X]
85) ... that I was not able to find my car/ start it   [  ]
86) ... that my car brakes did not work   [  ]
87) ... that I was in a car without a driver   [  ]
88) ... that I had a car crash   [  ]
89) ... that I was on a plane, bus or ship   [X]
90) ... that I was climbing a mountain   [  ]
91) ... that I was going up or down stairs   [?]
92) ... that I was flying or levitating   [X]
93) ... that I was a spirit levitating in the universe  [X]
94) ... that I was a prisoner   [X]
95) ... that I was fighting in a war   [X] 
96) ... that I was in danger   [X]
97) ... that I was saving people´s lives or leading them to safety during an emergency   [X]
98) ... that I was trying to draw people´s attention to something, to no avail    [X]
99) ... that I was drinking or eating something absurd (cigarettes, glass, blood)   [X]
100) ... that I was abducted   [?]
101) ... that I could do something no one else could   [X]
102) ... that I could not do something everyone else could   [X]
103) ... that I was in an elevator going up nonstop   [X]
104) ... that I could not find the numbers on a telephone dial    [X]
105) ... that I was looking through a window   [X]
106) ... that I was swimming in the sea/ sailing   [X]
107) ... that I was in a swimming pool   [X]
108) ... about a flood   [X]
109) ... about a computer or game   [X]
110) ... about a doll or dummy   [X]
111) ... about a hybrid or mythological animal   [X]
112) ... about the sun   [X]
113) ... about the moon   [X]
114) ... about a specific planet   [X]  *Jupiter*
115) ... about a specific number   [?]
116) [ ] ... about a cave   [?]
117) [ ] ... about a theater   [X]
118) [ ] ... about a theater mask  [  ]
119) [ ] ... about a book   [X]
120) [ ] ... about a box containing something  [  ]

TimelessEyes TimelessEyes
46-50, F
4 Responses Dec 3, 2012

Your dreams are way more interesting than mine !!

what are you suppossed to use the results for? I mean what does it mean if youve got a low score as opposed to a high score?

I explained in my other story, The Dream Questionnaire; this is not a quiz, just an opportunity to remember and observe dreams and symbols.

oh okay. thanks :)

Te, this questionnaire , was definitely thought provoking..really enjoyed it.
Tara xx

I´m glad you like it, thank you so much :)

TE,....I "SCORED" 87 / 120.
Luv n light
Tara x