The Edge Of Dreams

Strange staccato reverberates through vacant dusty rolling hills
Starlight startles the fabric of darkness, unraveling the dreams (dreamers) edge
Shadows of shadows indicate the waning moon’s sorrows
Shrill the lonely cry of a night bird’s mournful songs

Tethered to sand, the stalwart ship awaits the tide
Tortured breezes tease the sails as to which direction they are coming from or going to
Trembling the sand heaves while the sea remains serene
Tangled the spiders web becomes on ships deck, unfit for its original purpose

Remaking his web in uncertain times the spider hides himself in the safest spot he can find
Releasing his silk he sails across and scrambles to find purchase on the other side
Remembering the Divine pattern that maintains and produces life
Rapidly spiraling the artful web he weaves reflects perfectly the starlight and the waning moon

Arguing with itself, the confused wind swirls about, tugging and collapsing quarter drawn sails
Angrily the roaring sand releases the ships tether in the valley of its billow
Astern the bow breaks the stillness of the water
Alerted sails catch a preponderant breeze and slowly swing out to sea

Narrowly sliding past jagged wrecked cliffs
Nervously calculating a course by the stars
Noon does it take to lose sight of the boiling shores
Nonsensical shudders of the night and the seething sand fade into silence

Gathering her wits the ship soundly steers toward distant destinations
Gliding along on placid waters she rebuilds confidence in the sunshine
Gently the rigging settles and surges to the sure gusted breezes bearing her along
Glimpsing a cloud full of rain from the crow’s nest, refreshing pure water will arrive in due time

Exhausted yet satisfied she settles for sleep her sails folding like eagles wings protecting her young
Enormous the horizon, the sky and the sea, and thoughts of where and what she might be
Encouraged by Providences whispers of strength
Ennobled she drifts, the starlight weaving the edge of her dreams

by Compelled Three
compelled3 compelled3
46-50, M
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thank you, stardustblue

beautifully written,