Emmigration.(just Some Info On The Group).

Hey guys!, well i`ve been thinking of emmigration alot lately and not personally for me, but for the people who come into my fellow citizens of scotland(UK).
Not that i`m against it!, so before you go leave loads of "ohhh you little ***** i hate you!". shut those thoughts away, just saying as alot of people these days can`t stand talking about this and jump to conclusions.

I made this group because the politians, presidents etc give there "statistics" on emmigraion and THERE views mainly. So people of the world, please share your views on it and please specify what country your in or talking about when bringing up emmigration. 

Today some say we are loosing our culture and our identity, i believe that in a way... well quite alot and it ****** me off!. Dont blame the people who come to your country, blame the ones that let them in.

ofcourse they bring new things to us etc, work, new identity, different foods and culture. but really i sturggle to pick the goods at times... so please please!, leave your thoughts.

I don`t want you all to eat each other over this so just be cool and talk about it, there are countries who are strict on emmigration, i believe it should be the same in most but that`s only MY opinion.. What`s yours ?..
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my son has emigrated to australia....but ill stay here.....its got everything i want in scotland

The UK is full of close minded biggots. I am off to live in France. I intend to live somwhere rural and be naked all the time

It does not matter about the culture, it is about economics. The developed nations in the western world are not making enough babies. They need more people. So immigration is essential to paying for the retirement of the aging population. The real issue is who is allowed to immigrate into the country and the rights of those that do. That is the only things the nation can deal with.

Lexy...you have very late hours? ---

I agree that there is this incredible bias sometimes to treat new immigrants as victims who need support as opposed to the notion that they should accept some of the hardship that comes with going to a new land. There needs to be the proper balance between compassion and the need to protect the rights of everyone. ---

I don't think the aged are in any way discriminated against. It is just that they are getting harder and harder to maintain as our society ages in the developed world. They never assumed we would live this long when they set up retirement 50 years ago. The system is just plan broken. We cannot afford to pay the bills to look after the aged. And it is going to get worse and worse. ---

I think it all comes down to the economy and our societies are losing grasp of this notion. The fundamentals of life are food, shelter and a bit of pocket money. But the government spends more and more on ideologies to further feed their need to hire more people...where the cause becomes secondary to the livelihood of those who administrate it.

Hi Lexy! Are you sure you're losing some culture and identity? I'm from Spain, and we've had (and still have some) lots and lots of people coming from north and central Africa, and some from south and central America too, risking their lives in the sea (not the ones coming from America, obviously), and I've not seen that we're losing our identity or culture. And now, we're sending lots and lots of young people to Germany, France, and UK, who have studied one or two degrees, to work there, because there's no work here... Kisses!

Be patient, and kind to her; talk easily, and she'll be able to help you. Going there is the best way of learning English, you know. Besides, in Spain we've had lots of ancient people coming from UK, to be treated in hospitals because it's free here. On the one hand, Spain spend lots of millions on those people, but on the other hand, they're here for lots of months, maybe years, spending money, being kind... All have its advantages and disadvantages. So, Rodrigo Matta? Couldn't it be "Mata"? It'll be easily for you to find spanish people working as nurses in hospitals, because we've been going there for ages, because there aren't enough nurses there, not sure why... Anyway, just try not to get mad at them, as long as they work and don't cause trouble... Besides, it's not easy to leave your own country. Maybe, we could talk more often, if you want :). Kisses!