The End Of A Dream Or So We Thought

 The couple spends many years together. There family has grown and they have been blessed with a life beyond what anyone of them expected. But as we all know or think that what starts must end or is it so. After many years together words no longer need to be said. One new what the other was going to say before it was even spoken. With that came the day when she looked into her husbands eyes-and knew. For god was calling one home . A great grief came upon her but she had learned to be true to her feelings, for her husband had taught her well.She knew she would have to be strong for she would remain,without him for the remaining of  her life.. They spent there last days talking about all the blessings they had. Then came the time when it was to go ,both knowing it was over the husband placed his hand gently on his wife's face and said my dear wife,my best Friend cry not for my death but celebrate our life we had. For we were blessed. That night his wife being in sorrow but standing strong, went to bed thinking it was all over, he was gone. Well as she lay there crying , a gentle breeze came through the window and her heart filled with joy, for she heard a voice deep inside her say, here lies my wife , my best friend , now you know our hearts beat as one, at that moment she knew there love could never die

jhonspl jhonspl
51-55, M
Feb 20, 2010