Maybe Dreams Are All We Have?

today i find myself on this spiritual quest in search of a life partner. lo and behold here comes this women 5000 miles away. she speaks a foreign language English good but st ll little did i realize it is an experience to learn and love her. she has this calmness about its like in my dream here lye's my wife my best Friend or just maybe is this really me getting to know me. today she speaks . i am upset some word i DID not understand , i say pat inc e we  will take this one day at a time it somewhat like LIFES journey ,like the tao small step lead into vastness not large.come to think about this seems all to familiar. as i sit her WHAT do i really want. my best friend my wife .with my heart puring out can i make this connection with this women . is she willing . are the MOUNTAINS  to large. he maybe they are ONLY AS BIG AS I MAKE THEM. WHAT IS IT I REALLY WANT, WELL MY WIFE , MY BEST FRIEND , SO THE DREAM GOES ON AND IT WILL END ONLY IF I END IT.

jhonspl jhonspl
51-55, M
Feb 21, 2010