Thank you shan!

ultimately i have come to the realization all relationships are about our selves.and who we perceive to be. as i enter the stillness of my heart i feel brilliance and ask the question no more. .can we bring our dream to the stillness or have we forgotten. just maybe all this a gentle reminder to the world yet unfamiliar. for when we enter the silence space of our true selves with dreams in hand is when the true holy instant occurs. for we come forth to this inner brilliance.. before you i bring my dreams a place were the formless manifest into form. a place beyond the sun and stars but yet not so distant. a gentle voice calls to us come forth for we are one in the same .gently reminding us of days we have forgotten for when we bring forth our dreams from our innermost self that is were we bring our brilliance into the world. all dreams brought forth from this inner stillness speaks this universally language which we have forgotten. this is our true connection in this world. this is heaven on earth, for as Jesus said 2000 yrs ago ye too can move mountains and more,this was bring our inter most dreams to this universal  intellegence  we call life. it is about no dreams are right or wrong we just have forgoton  to bring our dreams back to the stillness of the heart which is echoing back are dream. this universal intelegence that always transcends our dreams into the universal language of the heart. Which is love. this is the holy instant.all dreams brought to the brilliance of the stillness are always transcended into love for our innermost selves recognize only this.when we can recognize only brilliance in another or our selves, is when the dream of the sun ship is complete and two hearts become one.So from my heart bring forth all that you have dreamed!

jhonspl jhonspl
51-55, M
1 Response Feb 23, 2010

Thank you for your dream John!