Stillness Speaks. Thank You Shan!

Today as i experience this sadness of my dream shattering right before my eyes, i inter the silent space of stillness deep inside my heart.   we are always lead back to our  own inner awareness , it is such for all dreams take us home to the stillness of our being. It seems to me that through all these experiences in life, all these dreams i hold so dear to my heart that when they seem to shatter before our eyes, that just maybe there is another way to see them. they are our great doorway into the silent stillness of our being ,it is an opportunity to experience something that i cannot name but only point to. when we find this inner strenght  that sometimes i guess we had no idea we had ,bringing forth the spring from the well . all this being  an  echo of a distant past yet so familiar that i can almost taste it sweetness.In the end the experiences in life we call dreams lead us back to the silent yet all knowing stillness in each and ever one of us,deep within the essence of our being were two hearts become one.!

jhonspl jhonspl
51-55, M
Feb 25, 2010